The Beauty Edit: Summer Wishlist

Summer Beauty Collage


Summer is finally here and it’s time to ditch the heavy makeup and opt instead for a lighter, more natural look. As much as I love an opulent¬† smoky eye and decadent red lip, it just doesn’t look right on sunny evenings. Here are some of the beauty products I’m planning to invest in this season:

1 Dior ‘Nail Glow’ – A slightly pink nail polish that enhances the natural colour of your nails to give them a light, healthy sheen.

2. St Tropez Self Tan Luxe Dry Oil – A moisturising non-greasy formula that gives a long lasting natural looking tan.

3. Laura Mercier Body Butter in Almond Coconut Milk – I always associate the smell of coconut with summer and this body butter is the ultimate in luxurious skincare.

4. Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb La Vie En Rose – A lighter version of my favourite fragrance that comes in a bottle “inspired by the iridescent wings of a butterfly”. What’s not to love?

5. Nars Matte Multiple in Anguilla – A non-sparkly version of the cult cheek & lip stick in a selection of vibrant and sun-kissed shades.

6. Clarins Rouge Eclat in Juicy Clementine –¬† The perfect lipstick for fair-skinned people like myself who want to embrace this summer’s trend for orange lips. Plus the name reminds me of my lovely daughter!

7. Mac Prep + Prime Highlighter – A pen-style highlighter that can be used over or under makeup to add radiance and a sheer wash of colour.

8. Ghd White Eclipse – I know it’s not great for my hair but I use my ghd hair straightener every day. This new version promises to style your hair in a single stroke while actually making it stronger.




The Beauty Edit: Just Add Sunshine

Sunshine Beauty

The arrival of summer here in the UK is always sudden and usually unpredictable, even for the poor weathermen. Last weekend we had glorious sunny weather, culminating in the hottest day so far this year on Monday. It is always wonderful when we get these sudden heatwaves, short as they may be, but I have to admit that the prospect of putting my lily white limbs on display didn’t have me jumping up and down with joy. But a quick trip into town and a rifle through the shelves in John Lewis’ refurbished beauty hall (I was very impressed – lots of new brands to try) and I was ready to transform myself, if not exactly into a bronzed goddess, at least a less ghostly version of myself.

Being a low maintenance girl, I’m all for keeping it simple and not over complicating things with too many products. A good exfoliator is essential – I normally use the Soap & Glory one but this Exfoliating Body Wash from Australian Organics worked just as well. When it comes to the self tanner I prefer a mousse as it’s easier to apply and you can see which areas you have already covered. Fake Bake has been my go-to brand for the last few years as it gives a nice subtle glow rather than a “I just spent a week in Barbados” deep bronze. I first bought a St Tropez tan applicator mitt last summer and now consider it a must-have to ensure an even finish, free of streaks and product build-up.

Add in a nice summery nail polish in ‘No Room for the Blues’ by OPI (pictured here with the Start to Finish all-in-one base coat, top coat and strengthener – a great multi-tasker if there ever was one) and I was ready to face the sunshine which lasted all but four days. Oh well, that’s the British summer for you!

Preparing for summer


What a difference a day makes! Yesterday it felt like we were in mid Autumn and I dressed accordingly, in jeans, boots, jumper and scarf. Today we finally got some sunshine – I wouldn’t exactly call it a scorcher but at least it was warm enough for short sleeves. I might even have got my legs out if I hadn’t been so thoroughly unprepared. The unseasonally cold weather means that I’ve been neglecting to apply my St Tropez fake tan on a regular basis – what’s the point if all you’re wearing is jeans, leggings or black tights?

So tonight as an action-packed but mostly rainy half term draws to a close, I took some time out to have a lovely long bath with a glass of red wine and my book as company. As I am naturally quite pale I usually start my fake tanning process by applying the St Tropez Everyday body moisturiser to gradually build up some colour before switching to the mousse as we get further into summer. As we all know, exfoliating is a must before fake tanning – the few times I have skipped this step I have lived to regret it – and my favourite by far is Flake Away by Soap & Glory (I adore their kitsch packaging and the products are fab too). Finally I gave my nails a couple of coats of the very summery Chanel polish in Riviera. Unfortunately this colour is no longer available to buy as it was a limited edition polish launched in the summer of 2010 (when my daughter was born).


I couldn’t resist finishing the post with some of the pictures I took of the lovely blooms in my mother-in-law’s garden a couple of weeks ago, when we also saw a rare glimpse of sunshine. Now we’ve had another taste of it, I just want more so fingers crossed for a sunny weekend!