Preparing for summer


What a difference a day makes! Yesterday it felt like we were in mid Autumn and I dressed accordingly, in jeans, boots, jumper and scarf. Today we finally got some sunshine – I wouldn’t exactly call it a scorcher but at least it was warm enough for short sleeves. I might even have got my legs out if I hadn’t been so thoroughly unprepared. The unseasonally cold weather means that I’ve been neglecting to apply my St Tropez fake tan on a regular basis – what’s the point if all you’re wearing is jeans, leggings or black tights?

So tonight as an action-packed but mostly rainy half term draws to a close, I took some time out to have a lovely long bath with a glass of red wine and my book as company. As I am naturally quite pale I usually start my fake tanning process by applying the St Tropez Everyday body moisturiser to gradually build up some colour before switching to the mousse as we get further into summer. As we all know, exfoliating is a must before fake tanning – the few times I have skipped this step I have lived to regret it – and my favourite by far is Flake Away by Soap & Glory (I adore their kitsch packaging and the products are fab too). Finally I gave my nails a couple of coats of the very summery Chanel polish in Riviera. Unfortunately this colour is no longer available to buy as it was a limited edition polish launched in the summer of 2010 (when my daughter was born).


I couldn’t resist finishing the post with some of the pictures I took of the lovely blooms in my mother-in-law’s garden a couple of weeks ago, when we also saw a rare glimpse of sunshine. Now we’ve had another taste of it, I just want more so fingers crossed for a sunny weekend!