Interior Inspiration: Beautiful Boudoirs

We all know the importance of a good night’s sleep but lately I have to admit that I’ve been guilty of burning the candle at both ends with late nights and early mornings. It started on holiday when we would stay up late, drinking wine and enjoying the balmy weather and peaceful surroundings. Now that we’re back home I’ve ditched the wine but I’m still staying up late working, reading blogs and watching Orange is the new Black (I only started watching it a couple of weeks ago and am already on episode 9 of the second series..) With the holiday behind us, lie-ins are also a thing of the past especially as the boys start back at school tomorrow.

I know what I need to do: go to bed earlier, cut down on caffeine, avoid looking at the computer at least an hour before bedtime, have a warm bath in the evening etc. But in the meantime, just looking at these pictures of gorgeous, restful bedrooms (from my Pinterest board – where else?) is also helping me feel more relaxed. Which one is your favourite?


{How could you fail to get a good night’s sleep in this serene bedroom?}


{The bedspread, the bedside table, the lamps – I want it all!}


{A bit too colourful for me but I love the picture above the bed.}


{Now that the colder months are coming what could be more luxurious than a fireplace in your bedroom?}


{I love the colour scheme, the touch of greenery and the balcony. Bohemian style at its best.}


{This headboard is on my wishlist.}


{Such a cute way of displaying your shoes.}

And on that note I’m off to bed! Early start tomorrow. Sweet dreams to you all! X





50 Shades of White

Maybe it’s because I’m Swedish, but I have a real soft spot for the Scandinavian design aesthetic when it comes to interiors. Pale wooden floorboards, white walls and furniture mixed with grey and other neutrals and perhaps a few accents of stronger colours such as red or blue. Mixing old and modern pieces also makes for a unique home and I love the contrast it creates.

Here are some inspirational images from my Pinterest board ‘My Dream Abode’:


{I love the positioning of the sofas in this room. Having them facing each other adds a cosy vibe which is offset by the grandeur of the stunning chandelier.}


{White doesn’t have to mean stark. Layering different shades of whites and other neutrals creates a warm, inviting space.}

Picture 261

{I love the tiles in this kitchen and the open shelves.}


{This bedroom looks so calm and inviting.}


{Using books as bedside tables is a great feature that doubles up as storage if you don’t have enough space for another bookcase. I also love the picture shelf above the bed.}


{A practical and beautiful centerpiece filled with lovely cashmere. This picture makes me want to paint our floorboards white.}


{The tiles, the lights, the bathtub – I love it all.}


{If my boys shared a bedroom, this is the bunkbed I would get.}


{This room is all about the details: the bunting, the Maileg bunnies with their own little matching bed, the practical blackboard…}


{I wish our ceilings were high enough to carry off a chandelier on this scale. Oh and that my husband wasn’t allergic to cats!}


{This room really makes the most of the natural light and I love the white letters on the wall.}


{Another view of room number 9 which shows how effective a pop of colour can be in an otherwise all-white space. Mixing new and old furniture, such as this cupboard, in the same colour creates an original but cohesive look.}

Growing up fast – Boys’ bedroom ideas

I’m sure I’m not the only mum who feels like this, but sometimes I look at my first-born and I can’t help but wonder where the years have gone. Is it really a decade since I struggled into work, heavily pregnant in the heatwave of 2003, excited but also a little bit scared at the prospect of becoming a mum?

This autumn he turns ten and there are already a few signs of pre-teen behaviour lurking in the shadows. Moodiness, yes, and a burgeoning desire for time alone to listen to music, read or just stare into space (preparing for all those hours of teenage angst no doubt!) but also a growing maturity that seems to manifest itself in a more caring and considerate approach to those around him (with the possible exception of his little brother!).

On a more practical level, he is definitely starting to outgrow his pirate-themed bedroom decor and we have started to look at different ideas in magazines and on Pintrest with a view to redecorating his room after the summer. He’s keen on a feature wall with graffiti wallpaper to offset an otherwise neutral colour scheme with white walls and wooden floor boards. On the whole, I would like to make sure that it is a room that will last him for quite a few years and can easily be updated by changing a few details like cushions, rugs and art work (or more likely, posters tacked on to the walls!).

Here is a selection of what we have found so far:









All images from my Pintrest board Boys’ Bedrooms (link)

Bedroom makeover

Top row (l-r): Neisha Crosland Pollen wallpaper, Neisha Crosland Merlin wallpaper, Christian Lacroix Air de Paris wallpaper. Middle row: curtains from John Lewis, lamp base and shade from Ikea. Bottom row: Grey cushions from Heal's and white cushion from Day Home

Top row (l-r): Neisha Crosland Pollen wallpaper, Neisha Crosland Merlin wallpaper, Christian Lacroix Air de Paris wallpaper. Middle row: curtains from John Lewis, lamp base and shade from Ikea. Bottom row: Grey cushions from Heal’s and white cushion from Day Home

When we moved into our house just over five years ago we immediately started ripping out carpets, sanding floorboards and painting all the rooms. Funnily enough, deep red carpets paired with lilac or mustard coloured walls weren’t exactly to our taste…

Since then we haven’t done very much to the house apart from adding a laundry room and renovating the bathroom (as we only have one bathroom for five of us it takes quite a beating). The neutral colour palette and stripped wooden floors combo that we have chosen is easy to live with and can easily be updated by changing the curtains, cushions or furnishings. Another reason for not making any major changes is that we are hopefully planning an extension in the not too far future, creating a big open plan kitchen/living area downstairs and converting the loft into a master bedroom with en-suite. However, this is still at least another year down the line and lately I’ve found myself looking at interior magazines and Pintrest boards rather wistfully, wishing that I could incorporate some of the ideas into my own home.

It just so happens that last year we had a leak in our roof which, although it was fixed before Christmas, damaged the ceiling and wall in our bedroom (if you look closely at the picture below you can see the stain on the ceiling in the left hand corner, and the water has also seeped into the wall and marked the wallpaper). Well if you ask me it’s the perfect excuse to redecorate the bedroom and change the look. I still like having a feature wall in there (it’s the only one in the house) as I think it softens the room a bit. The wallpaper we have at the moment is by Neisha Crosland and I really love her designs, including the two in the picture above. I think a grey and white colour scheme would be nice and calm, possibly with a bit of soft pink or lilac thrown in to add a feminine touch. Meanwhile, I’ll carry on surfing the net looking for more inspiration to pin to my boards. The great thing about Pintrest is that you can create your moodboards, chop and change as you like and keep them all in one place. If you want to follow me on Pintrest please click here.