Growing up fast – Boys’ bedroom ideas

I’m sure I’m not the only mum who feels like this, but sometimes I look at my first-born and I can’t help but wonder where the years have gone. Is it really a decade since I struggled into work, heavily pregnant in the heatwave of 2003, excited but also a little bit scared at the prospect of becoming a mum?

This autumn he turns ten and there are already a few signs of pre-teen behaviour lurking in the shadows. Moodiness, yes, and a burgeoning desire for time alone to listen to music, read or just stare into space (preparing for all those hours of teenage angst no doubt!) but also a growing maturity that seems to manifest itself in a more caring and considerate approach to those around him (with the possible exception of his little brother!).

On a more practical level, he is definitely starting to outgrow his pirate-themed bedroom decor and we have started to look at different ideas in magazines and on Pintrest with a view to redecorating his room after the summer. He’s keen on a feature wall with graffiti wallpaper to offset an otherwise neutral colour scheme with white walls and wooden floor boards. On the whole, I would like to make sure that it is a room that will last him for quite a few years and can easily be updated by changing a few details like cushions, rugs and art work (or more likely, posters tacked on to the walls!).

Here is a selection of what we have found so far:









All images from my Pintrest board Boys’ Bedrooms (link)

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