50 Shades of White

Maybe it’s because I’m Swedish, but I have a real soft spot for the Scandinavian design aesthetic when it comes to interiors. Pale wooden floorboards, white walls and furniture mixed with grey and other neutrals and perhaps a few accents of stronger colours such as red or blue. Mixing old and modern pieces also makes for a unique home and I love the contrast it creates.

Here are some inspirational images from my Pinterest board ‘My Dream Abode’:


{I love the positioning of the sofas in this room. Having them facing each other adds a cosy vibe which is offset by the grandeur of the stunning chandelier.}


{White doesn’t have to mean stark. Layering different shades of whites and other neutrals creates a warm, inviting space.}

Picture 261

{I love the tiles in this kitchen and the open shelves.}


{This bedroom looks so calm and inviting.}


{Using books as bedside tables is a great feature that doubles up as storage if you don’t have enough space for another bookcase. I also love the picture shelf above the bed.}


{A practical and beautiful centerpiece filled with lovely cashmere. This picture makes me want to paint our floorboards white.}


{The tiles, the lights, the bathtub – I love it all.}


{If my boys shared a bedroom, this is the bunkbed I would get.}


{This room is all about the details: the bunting, the Maileg bunnies with their own little matching bed, the practical blackboard…}


{I wish our ceilings were high enough to carry off a chandelier on this scale. Oh and that my husband wasn’t allergic to cats!}


{This room really makes the most of the natural light and I love the white letters on the wall.}


{Another view of room number 9 which shows how effective a pop of colour can be in an otherwise all-white space. Mixing new and old furniture, such as this cupboard, in the same colour creates an original but cohesive look.}

20 thoughts on “50 Shades of White

  1. Scandinavian design is just gorgeous, I love that top living room and the bedrooms. Although it always looks so simple and easy it’s just so hard to actually put together and make it look that good!


    • Me too. I went through a phase in our old house of painting all the rooms in different colours – pink, purple etc. It looked nice but made them tricky to furnish and within a year I was bored and wanted to paint them all white again! Since then I’ve stuck to white and neutrals and added colour with accessories! X

    • Yes muddy paw prints would kind of ruin the look! Same goes for children’s sticky hand prints so white sofas and armchairs are a no-no in our house at the moment as well. Thanks for your comment, hope you have a lovely day. X

  2. Scandinavian interior design certainly does speak to a need inside of us to have a natural and comfortable feel yet also appeals to our mental aspirations for style. I agree that White doesn’t have to be start and can be very invigorating. I don’t think I could live in such White interiors as the ones pictured though they are decadently beautiful but I admire them greatly.

    Another thing I love about the Scandinavian houses I’ve seen is that – in the small towns especially – the exteriors can be very brightly painted in a single bright colour giving the whole place a lovely warm and happy atmosphere.

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