My (rather meagre) Sales Haul

I’m old enough to remember when the January Sales used to be a big deal, warranting at least one whole day out scouring the shops for bargains. Now with high street stores discounting left, right and centre in the run-up to the festive season the post-Christmas Sales have lost some of their appeal (for me at least). As someone who is not great at Sales shopping in the first place, I usually only buy a handful of pieces (mostly online, I’m not a big fan of scouring messy Sales rails for that one elusive must-have in my size). This year I’m doing well, it’s only January 3 and already I’ve snapped up two bargains:


These Cocorose London snakeskin ballet pumps were reduced from £85 to £38 in my local boutique O’Keefe


And this InWear Eden glitter frill top, now £33 (reduced from £55) will be perfect for wearing with with skinny jeans and heels for a dressed up, yet relaxed, look.

As usual, I couldn’t resist buying a couple of full price pieces like this cropped slouchy yoga top from Sweaty Betty


..and these ankle boots from H by Hudson which will help put a spring in my step when the new season rolls around.


So, what about you? Any good bargains or are you saving your cash for next season’s collections? X


This Week’s Favourites

This week's faves 6:10:13

Where has the time gone? It seems like it was only yesterday that I wrote my last ‘Favourites’ post and now it’s Sunday again. Looking back at the photos I can see that even though the week flew by, as usual we managed to squeeze quite a lot in.

1. Because of the building work going on at home, the house was covered in dust at the start of the week so Clemmie and I escaped to a nearby village for brunch. I had Eggs Benedict, one of my all-time favourites.

2. We have finally chosen the tiles to go around the sink in the new downstairs cloakroom. Fingers crossed, it should all be finished by the end of this week in time for my husband’s birthday party on Saturday. I will of course share pictures when it’s all done.

3. I also managed to plant some herbs in two of the pots I bought in Sweden this summer. They were a bargain at less than £10 for three and I love the chalkboard labels on them.

4. I went to two exercise classes this week and decided to reward myself (and my aching muscles) with some new workout clothes from Sweaty Betty.

5. I also bought an early birthday present for myself from Space NK – I just can’t go into that store without buying something!

6. The highlight of the week was without a doubt my birthday on Wednesday and a meal out at Jamie’s Italian to celebrate with my husband and kids.

7. Like mother like daughter. Clemmie seems to have inherited my love of magazines and pesters me to buy one every time we go shopping. This one certainly lives up to is name: I think it has got every shade of pink imaginable on the cover.

8. I made a very exciting discovery this week: they sell Pumpkin Spice Lattes at Starbucks in the UK! I don’t know how I could have missed it although in my defence the barista did say they’re new for this autumn. So yummy, especially with whipped cream on top!

9. My husband went away for a golf weekend on Friday so I’ve been on my own with the kids all weekend. I really take my hat off to all the single mums out there, it is bloody hard work! Saturday was spent ferrying them around to various activities (football, swimming, tutor) and then a friend whose husband was also away came over with her kids in the evening. The children had pizza and shared some of my birthday chocolates while watching a movie (although I think Clemmie managed to get more chocolate on her than in her!) and we had Thai takeaway and a glass of wine or two.

Now I’m just waiting for my other half to walk through the front door so I can take a hot bath and then curl up in front of the TV to watch the third series of Homeland. Unfortunately the week has not ended on a good note as someone close to me was admitted to hospital today. Hopefully, it won’t be for long and we’re all doing our best to stay positive.

Hope you’ve all had a great weekend. X

Strike a pose…..and relax!


This morning I went to my first yoga class in a very long time. Before the kids came along I was a member of a gym with an amazing yoga instructor and I used to go three times a week. Then after I had Cameron I switched to a more family friendly gym with a creche and while I tried a few yoga classes there, I didn’t gel with any of the instructors.

While I’ve carried on doing other forms of exercise and am fairly happy with my general fitness, I have noticed that I’m not very flexible these days. I don’t harbour any hopes of being able to do the splits again but at the moment I can’t even touch my toes when I bend over (and I imagine that as I get older it will only get worse..)

It’s easy to dismiss yoga as ‘not real exercise’ as, unless you attend a fast moving Ashtanga or Bikram class, you’re unlikely to work up much of a sweat. But this morning’s session reminded me of the many other benefits of yoga. I have to admit that when the alarm went off at 8.15am (on a Sunday!) I was tempted to pick up the phone and cancel but I’m so glad I didn’t. For the rest of the day I felt calmer than I have in a long time – even the children jumping off the sofa and throwing all the cushions on the floor didn’t disrupt my relaxed state.

I will definitely go again and try to combine yoga with running, swimming and other gym classes. On a superficial level I’m also excited about being able to invest in some lovely yoga clothes and as always Sweaty Betty has a great selection. But maybe I should attend a few more classes before I reach for my purse…