My (rather meagre) Sales Haul

I’m old enough to remember when the January Sales used to be a big deal, warranting at least one whole day out scouring the shops for bargains. Now with high street stores discounting left, right and centre in the run-up to the festive season the post-Christmas Sales have lost some of their appeal (for me at least). As someone who is not great at Sales shopping in the first place, I usually only buy a handful of pieces (mostly online, I’m not a big fan of scouring messy Sales rails for that one elusive must-have in my size). This year I’m doing well, it’s only January 3 and already I’ve snapped up two bargains:


These Cocorose London snakeskin ballet pumps were reduced from £85 to £38 in my local boutique O’Keefe


And this InWear Eden glitter frill top, now £33 (reduced from £55) will be perfect for wearing with with skinny jeans and heels for a dressed up, yet relaxed, look.

As usual, I couldn’t resist buying a couple of full price pieces like this cropped slouchy yoga top from Sweaty Betty


..and these ankle boots from H by Hudson which will help put a spring in my step when the new season rolls around.


So, what about you? Any good bargains or are you saving your cash for next season’s collections? X


12 thoughts on “My (rather meagre) Sales Haul

  1. Great buys! Love the cropped yoga top and boots! January clearance sales definitely take a lot out of you when physically shopping. Waiting for kids to go back to school from Christmas break—then I’ll really shop!😉

  2. I’ve never been a great shopper and having sales time go on all year has definitely not helped up the appeal of the January sales. Definitely love the online shopping option! Although it was easier pre-baby when I knew my sizes and shapes without having to try items on (still haven’t quite got used to the new body).

  3. I love shopping when they are trying to clear out all the winter clothes to make room for spring/summer and vice versa. So many things are dirt cheap!

  4. This doesn’t look meagre at all. I never go to the sales anymore, as I ve had too many ‘bad’ experiences. Ok just stupid impulsive buys for imaginary lifestyle… I love the sweaty Betty stuff btw.

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