Currently Coveting #23: Kate Moss x Topshop

Kate Moss is the undisputed British style icon of the last two decades, topping virtually every best-dressed poll going and earning herself a legion of copycat fans. After a three-year hiatus she is back designing a collection for another British icon – high street store Topshop.

As with the pair’s previous collaborations, Kate looked to her own wardrobe for inspiration to create a collection which reflects her boho-luxe, laid-back style. The supermodel is renowned for her love of vintage so it’s no surprise that there are lots of 70s inspired pieces, from fringed suede jackets to jumpsuits and maxi dresses. Released on April 30, just in time for festival season, the collection will be available online and in Topshop stores. A small selection will also be sold by Net-A-Porter.

Working together with Topshop’s creative team, Kate has upped the luxury factor on the collection with beautiful fabrics and hand-finished detailing. While much of the collection will be sold at affordable prices, there are more expensive pieces like the scalloped blue satin maxi, which will retail for £295. The most expensive dress, a densely hand-beaded number, will be exclusive on Net-A-Porter for £600, with only 50 available.

Here are some of my favourite pieces from the collection:

We are going to a wedding in July and I think any of these dresses would be perfect:




I am picturing this starry top worn with faded denim shorts for a laid-back vibe:


A beaded jacket to add a luxe touch to any evening outfit:




Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Collage

{Some of the Easter decorations in our house including the Swedish style Easter eggs which are now filled with sweets and little toys}

The children and I are going on a little egg hunt with the neighbours before lunch with the in-laws but I just wanted to wish you all a very happy Easter Sunday. I hope the Easter Bunny is very generous! X

A Slice of History on our Doorstep

It is very easy to take the things that are on your doorstep for granted. Although central London and all it has to offer in terms of history, culture and entertainment is only a short train ride away, there are still many places we haven’t taken the kids to see. Yesterday we decided to play tourists in our own city and visit the Tower of London as a family. I last went there as a 12-year-old on a school trip but the kids had never been and, amazingly, neither had my husband despite being born and bred in this country.


I have lived in or around London for most of my adult life and I love this city from the bottom of my heart in all its grimy, often chaotic, but always beautiful, glory. In my eyes, what makes it so special is the way traditional and modern are juxtaposed in a way that somehow seems completely seamless. While London pushes the boundaries in edgy fashion and is at the forefront of the music scene, much of the city is still steeped in tradition, from the doormen at old school establishments like Claridges to the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace. These contrasts perhaps come through most clearly in the architecture: yesterday we saw the ancient and magnificent Tower of London standing only a stone’s throw away from the glass covered ultra-modern wonder that is the Shard.

IMG_6804 IMG_6806 IMG_6807

Brimming with history, much of it dark and disturbing, the Tower of London is a must-see for every tourist visiting the city. As we picked a beautiful, sunny day in the Easter holidays to visit, the place was fairly busy and the queues for the Crown Jewels and the Bloody Tower (where prisoners were held and tortured) were too long for us to contemplate standing in with the children. But I’m sure we will back again to see the bits that we missed, although to beat the crowds, next time we may choose a rainy day in November!


Easter Treats

As I’ve been working more than usual over the school holidays I haven’t had much time for baking, so it’s likely that my lot will have to make do with shop bought treats over the Easter weekend. But if you have the time, here are some of the most tasty (and pretty) looking recipes that I have found on Pinterest.

Easter Treats

1. Down the Rabbit Hole Cake Push Pops

2. Oreo Cookie Chick Easter Treats

3. Springtime Birds Nests

4. Easter Egg Fudge

5. Mini Easter Egg Cake

6. Healthy Easter Treats

For more Easter recipes and ideas see my Easter Inspiration board on Pinterest.

Currently Coveting #22: The Perfect Spring Dress

My wardrobe is full of floaty summer dresses for balmy, sunny days and long-sleeved thicker dresses to wear with tights in the winter. What it is lacking, though, are those in-between dresses that are suitable for the lovely spring weather we’re having at the moment. I’m thinking of dresses that you can wear with bare legs on warmer days but which also look good if you add a denim jacket or cardigan and a pair of leggings when the temperature drops.

Here are some of the best I’ve found so far:

Madewell dresses

My favourites are these dresses from Madewell, which sadly doesn’t ship to the UK.

Anthropologie dresses

Anthropologie always has a good selection of dresses and it didn’t disappoint this time either. My favourite is probably the patterned tunic as I have a penchant for comfortable dresses that can be teamed with black leggings.

Topshop dresses

Topshop is another go-to store for me when it comes to everyday dresses. I especially like the sweatshirt dress as it is both sporty and feminine. I wear a lot of grey and white already but the slash of deep pink adds a bit of interest.

Which one is your favourite?

Five on Friday


{I went for a morning run with my boys on Tuesday. Two laps around the block followed by some lunges, situps and press-ups. Not enough to burn off all the chocolate I’ve been eating but it’s a start…}

Clemmie playground

{By mid-week Clemmie had recovered from the flu and was ready for a short outing to the playground}


{I went to see The Grand Budapest Hotel at the cinema with a friend.  If you haven’t seen it, I would really recommend it: a really cute, quirky film with a stellar cast, funny but with a tinge of sadness.}

Fruit salad

{At his request, Cameron and I made fruit salad, with a mix of apples, grapes, bananas, clementines, strawberries, melon and kiwis. I had it for breakfast the following day with a dollop of Greek yoghurt, a squeeze of honey and a generous sprinkling of my homemade muesli. Yummy!}


{I popped into Waitrose to get some milk this morning and they had some great bundle deals on magazines. I got five for only £10, a pretty good deal considering that they normally cost around £4 each! That’s my reading material sorted for this month}

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! X

Enjoy the Little Things


They say that the secret to lasting happiness is finding joy in the little things and counting your blessings every day. So here is my list of the things that are making me happy right now:

* My sister is visiting from Sweden with her children at the moment. As I’ve been working lots this week I haven’t seen much of them yet but Clemmie has spent three days at my parents’ house and has been so happy playing with her cousins. And we have a big family lunch planned for tomorrow.

* I don’t mind the extra work as I’ve been really lucky to land a job which I love (at a time when I wasn’t even looking for work!) and can do from home.

* Today is Friday, my favourite day of the week, and after collecting the boys from tennis camp it is the official start of the weekend!

* The laundry basket is almost empty which means I can forget about the washing for the whole weekend.

* The sun is shining and will hopefully carry on doing so for the next few days.

* I have a butternut squash roasting in the oven at the moment and am planning to make this dish for supper tonight.

* One of my friends is popping over during my lunch break and I’m looking forward to a cup of coffee and nice chat.

* I got an email from Space NK offering me £10 off just as my concealer and foundation have both run out.

I wish you all a Happy Friday! X

The Weekend in Pictures

We had a balmy, sunny weekend here in the UK and, fingers crossed, this could be the week that I finally put away all the winter coats, hats and scarves. As usual the weekend went by in a flash but we had a lovely couple of days full of family time, which is not always possible with two (soon three!) school-age kids who often have their own activities and parties to go to.


{Clemmie and her best friend hanging out at the bowling alley}

With three children aged 3-10 it can be hard to find activities that will please all of them but this weekend we definitely found one: bowling. The boys have already been several times, in fact Cameron had a bowling party for his ninth birthday, but it was the first time Clemmie tried it. I’m pleased to say that she loved it, even if I did wince every time she insisted on picking up the bowling ball, fearing she would drop it on her feet.


{Cameron going in for the strike}


{No visit to the bowling alley is complete without a slush puppy to drink}

Sunday, of course, was Mother’s Day and, after I had enjoyed leisurely breakfast in bed (or as leisurely as it can be with the kids fighting over the toast and covering the duvet in strawberry jam!), we walked up to Hampton Court Palace. After strolling around the gardens and playing a few games of hide and seek, we enjoyed some yummy cakes in the cafe.

I’m proud to tell you that some of these pictures were taken by Cameron who is developing a real interest in photography. He’s now saving up for his own camera and I think it would be great to have a hobby that we can both share.


Hampton Court 1

{Me and my brood}

Hampton Court 2

Hampton Court Lion

Hampton Court Statue

Hampton Court

Pink flowers

{Hampton Court gardens in bloom is one of the prettiest sights around this time of year}


Sorry for bombarding you with so many pictures but on the rare occasions that we remember to bring the DSLR with us, we take A LOT of photos!

Hope you’ve had a good start to the week. ‘Til the next post xxx


The Fashion Clinic #8: Favourite Flats

Before I had children I never wore flat shoes. Ever. Since becoming a mum, however, I seem to wear nothing but flats, even though at 5′ 2″ I need all the extra height I can get. But let’s face it, heels aren’t exactly practical when you’re running after a three-year-old on a scooter, who is determined to keep up with her big brothers. So until they are old enough to make their own way to and from school, my beloved heels will only grace my feet on special occasions. Luckily, flat doesn’t have to mean frumpy and I’ve rounded up what I think are some of the prettiest around at the moment. In my dreams I would have those Chloe ballerinas in all three colours…

For some reason I never wear lace up shoes or trainers unless I’m going to the gym. I do have a pair of Converse stashed away in a cupboard and I like the look of them on other people but (in my mind at least) they don’t suit me or my style. I am, however, very tempted by these Ash trainers in shimmering gold. Practical AND glam – now that’s something I can really get behind.

The best flat shoes

1. Virgo gold glitter trainers by Ash; 2. Darcy Snake ballerinas by Oasis; 3. Asos Last Dance pointed ballet flats 4. Leather Ballet flats by Repetto; 5. Metal-heeled leather ballet flats by Lanvin; 6. Lauren metallic leather ballet flats by Chloe; 7. Toms Moroccan cut-out flat shoes