Sunday Inspiration ♥


Hope you’re all having a great weekend. I had a late night yesterday and am paying the price for it today…

Recently we have had a busier social life than usual and I feel that now may be time to turn over a new (healthier) leaf. After all it is almost the start of a new month so I might as well kick start July with some good intentions. Nothing too drastic, just a few small changes like no wine and less sugar during the week and more fresh, healthy food and exercise.

I have seen lots of people on Instagram following Neila Rey’s fitness challenges. I had a look at her website and really like her advice on how to start a healthy lifestyle – especially the bit about starting off gently! I’m thinking of giving her 30 Days of Change program a try before we go on holiday in a month’s time.

Apologies that I am so slow at responding to comments at the moment. Life is very busy with work during the week and then family stuff at the weekends but I’m determined to get better at it – after all, the connection with other bloggers is one of the reasons I enjoy blogging so much.

Hope you have a fab Sunday! X

Pin-Worthy Summer Recipes

Lately I’ve been trying to add more vegetables to my diet. Now that summer is almost here, fresh produce is in abundance so it’s the ideal time to shift your healthy eating up a gear. I love salads but find that unless I add protein and/or grains, they don’t really fill me up and I’m hungry again an hour or two later. As always, Pinterest is an endless source of inspiration and I’ve been busy pinning a few recipes I would like to try over the next few weeks. Now, if only I could convince my two youngest kids that these dishes are so much nicer than pizza or plain pasta…


Shrimp Tacos


Chorizo, Tomato & Chickpea Salad


Sesame, Almond, Avocado & Spinach Salad


Butternut Squash and Barley Salad with Poached Egg


Quinoa Tabbouleh with Chickpeas


Roasted Sweet Potato and Red Onion Salad

Find all these recipes and more on my ‘Food’ board on Pinterest

A Fresh Start!

Going out B&W

{My new snakeskin heels from Office had their first outing last night teamed with skinny jeans, black peplum top from H&M and wavy hair.}

Turning over a new leaf, changing old habits, starting afresh – whatever you might call it, that is what I intend to do from tomorrow. The horrible weather, a lack of motivation and a sore knee (caused by what I do not know – certainly not over exercising!) have all conspired to stop my New Year fitness regime from getting off the ground. Add to that, a diet of too much sugar, white flour and caffeine (let’s face it, what else is there to do when the rain is pouring down outside except console yourself with tea and cake?) and the result is a sluggish mama, constantly tired and lacking the energy to keep up with my three lovely but boisterous children. I’m not a great believer in fad diets or super strict regimes but cutting back on the bad stuff and adding in more healthy food as well as using my gym membership a bit more frequently would be a good start.

On a different note, I spent another three hours in a hospital waiting room today! Clemmie had scarlet fever a couple of weeks ago and today I noticed a familiar looking rash on her body – and sure enough, the doctor at the out-of-hours clinic confirmed that it has come back 😦 So it’s another ten days of antibiotics and no nursery tomorrow. Poor thing but apart from the rash she seems quite happy and there is no temperature this time.

Despite spending all that time at the hospital and being out late at a dinner party last night, I’ve surprised myself by being extremely productive this evening – the house is clean, all the washing is put away and the kids’ homework is done and their bags are packed ready for tomorrow and now I’ve even completed a blog post. It’s always easier to start the new week feeling on top of things – hopefully I can keep that focus going until next weekend!


A healthy breakfast to kick-start your day


I hardly ever skip breakfast and on the rare days that I do, I very quickly live to regret it when the inevitable mid-morning energy slump sets in. Whether or not you adhere to the old saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, a healthy one beats a sugar-laden bowl of cereal hands down. My favourite go-to breakfast is my homemade low carb muesli but on cold mornings I often crave something warm like eggs or porridge. I found this recipe on Pinterest – it’s super simple and guaranteed to keep your energy levels up until lunch time. And if you’re not a breakfast fan, it tastes just as good for lunch, maybe with a bowl of soup.

The recipe specified Ezekiel bread but I’ve never seen that in the supermarkets here so I substituted my regular Soy & Linseed bread. Simply toast the bread, spread avocado on top, sprinkle over some crushed red pepper, season with salt & pepper and top it all off with a fried egg, sunny side up.

A delicious start to the day!