This Week’s Favourites

This week's faves 03:10

Hello again! Just a quick one tonight as I’m totally exhausted after Cameron’s 10th birthday party this afternoon for 17 of his friends at a mini golf course near our house. His actual birthday is tomorrow and I’ve just finished making a cake and wrapping the presents (his main present is a bicycle but he’ll get to choose it himself so we’ve just printed out a picture of a cool bike and stuck it in a birthday card).

As I’m typing this with only one eye open, here is a quick round-up of our week:

1. Apart from today’s party, Halloween was without a doubt the highlight of our week. When we went to our local farm shop we ran into this Pumpkin Princess who kindly agreed to have her picture taken with the kids.

2. The Halloween decorations were brought down from the loft and the children immediately tried on the bat hairbands. Clemmie kept hers on for two days and even took it into bed at night.

3. On Wednesday the sun graced us with its presence and we took advantage of the crisp autumn weather with a trip to a nearby adventure park and farm.

4. It has been lovely spending every day with my boys this half term. They have tomorrow off as well but on Tuesday it’s back to school.

5. The pumpkins took pride of place on our doorstep on Thursday as we hosted a small tea party for friends before trick or treating around the neighbourhood.

6. The kids all dressed up in their scary finery.

7. Cameron’s golf themed birthday cake (no I didn’t make it, cake decorating is not a strength of mine..) went down a treat at the party today.

8. My football crazy son holding one of his favourite birthday presents.

9. It’s bonfire weekend so after the party we went to see an amazing fireworks display.

It’s now almost 11pm and high time I went to bed, I suspect the birthday boy will not let us have a lie-in tomorrow morning. Good night to you all. X

This Week’s Favourites

IMG_4985 2

{The walk to school takes twice as long when it’s been raining and there are puddles to jump in}

‘Swoosh’ it said and yet another week went by! Seriously, I’m beginning to think that time really does speed up when your kids start school. The seven weeks between the start of this school year and half term (which is this Friday) have gone by so much quicker than the summer holidays did. It has been a quiet week, mainly spent catching up on things that were were put on hold while preparing for last weekend’s party, like completing my tax return and buying the last of the boys’ birthday presents.

IMG_4998 2

{Clemmie chose her winter hat when we went into Gap during a shopping trip earlier this week. Leopard print is a firm fave of mine as well – like mother like daughter!}

067b24a7f30b9ccd64d4eea36d6e37e5 SR_FLE_Pink_01_1024x1024

{I am one step closer to creating my dream home office after buying this print}

The highlight of the week was undoubtely Casper’s seventh birthday today. My youngest son is very much an old soul – wise, thoughtful and kind but, boy, can he throw a tantrum when that way inclined. Today, however, he was all smiles when we woke him up at 7.30 with presents and cake. As both he and his sister had birthday parties to go to today we’ve delayed his party until next weekend. Then the following weekend is my eldest son’s birthday – a busy month but that’s the way I like it!

CamCasper birthday

{Big brother helps out with the present opening.}

Casper present

{A very happy boy. Judging by the smile, I think we got the present right!}

Casper cake

{It was a bit of a squeeze to fit seven candles onto a very small cake. There will be a bigger one at the party next weekend.}

Clemmie cake

{Someone is enjoying having cake for breakfast}

This week’s favourites

Alla 3

No more buggy! All three children ready for the school run on their scooters.

Water slide collage

I hardly dare say it aloud but this amazing weather just keeps on coming. This week we got the water slide out for the boys and they had lots of fun in the garden.

Hunky Dory Collage

A couple of new purchases in the Sale – a jumper in a pretty coral colour from Swedish brand Hunky Dory and a platter from Iittala (bought from the Royal Design webshop) that I’m using as a tray for the oils and spices that I most frequently use for cooking.


Pool 2

For the third weekend in a row we went over to my parents’ house for a cooling dip in the pool and a barbecue dinner.

cakes Collage Bubbles Birthday party

We rounded off the weekend with yet another birthday party for Clemmie – this time with Grandparents and Godparents – and I’ve now eaten enough cake to last me all summer!

A Happy Day

window sign

Today was no ordinary day – it was Clemmie’s third birthday. (Sign from a shop window in our village)

present opening

Present opening and cupcakes for breakfast.


The best present was without a doubt the yellow scooter which had been talked about for weeks. It had its first outing on the school run this morning.

Scooter school

A birthday party for a handful of little friends at home in the garden. Another day of glorious weather – long may it last!

Birthday party

Playing in the garden but the beloved scooter was never far away. No one else was allowed to touch it and for once I did not implore her to share.


Happy birthday girl!

Playing 2

I only popped in for a quick look…

…and out I came with a new summer wardrobe for Clemmie (and a pair of shorts for Casper).


Our local Benetton store (in Esher, Surrey) always comes up trumps with its kidswear selection. Even my increasingly discerning nine and a half year -old can usually find something to suit his taste (and mine!) The Sale is on at the moment so there are lots of bargains to be had both for grown-ups and little ones. I saw a shirt I really liked which would look great with jeans or cropped trousers but, as is often the case for me, it was part of the new collection so I decided to leave it for now. But as you can see I did not leave empty-handed…

Benetton Collage2

With the weather forecasters promising sunshine for the beginning of next week, I bought a new summer dress for Clemmie to wear to her birthday party. So pretty I wouldn’t mind one myself!

Birthday dress

This week’s favourites

This has been one of those rare weeks that’s both productive and relaxing. I’ve managed to tick quite a few things off my to-do list, from clearing out the children’s cupboards to weeding the garden, and still had time to see friends, exercise and go shopping.

The countdown to Clemmie’s birthday next Tuesday has started in earnest and I have ordered the party tableware and going home bags from the fab website Jelly and Blancmange. We’re only having a small party at home with her two cousins and three little friends which, if I’m honest. I’m quite relieved about.

Birthday Collage

She’s been desperate for a scooter for the past few months and keeps trying to steal the boys’ on the school run so I’ve bought her a Micro Scooter in yellow (her favourite colour) and also a new Maileg rabbit from Bells and Whistles. I’m tempted by the dolls house from Le Toy Van but will probably leave that for Christmas.

Dolls House

I have to confess that my shopping spree has not been confined to my daughter. During a trip into town earlier this week I found some lovely ballerinas in H&M and also a few T-shirts, including this one from Topshop.


Topshop T-shirt

The expedition to Ikea that I mentioned in my last post went very smoothly indeed (probably because we had no kids with us!). After the obligatory lunch of meatballs and chips, we navigated the entire store at a steady pace and managed to find every single item on the list (a first for us I think, usually at least a couple of items are out of stock or the search has to be abandoned because of screaming kids or the husband losing the will to live).

Our considerable stash included a desk and chair for Cameron (which will hopefully solve some of our homework issues..), three of these white flower pots, and some new candles.

Ikea Collage

Finally, this weekend summer has properly arrived, even if it’s only for a few days. We decided to make the most of the balmy weather by heading over to my parents’ house this afternoon for some swimming and playtime in the pool.

Swimming Collage