This Week’s Favourites

This week's faves 03:10

Hello again! Just a quick one tonight as I’m totally exhausted after Cameron’s 10th birthday party this afternoon for 17 of his friends at a mini golf course near our house. His actual birthday is tomorrow and I’ve just finished making a cake and wrapping the presents (his main present is a bicycle but he’ll get to choose it himself so we’ve just printed out a picture of a cool bike and stuck it in a birthday card).

As I’m typing this with only one eye open, here is a quick round-up of our week:

1. Apart from today’s party, Halloween was without a doubt the highlight of our week. When we went to our local farm shop we ran into this Pumpkin Princess who kindly agreed to have her picture taken with the kids.

2. The Halloween decorations were brought down from the loft and the children immediately tried on the bat hairbands. Clemmie kept hers on for two days and even took it into bed at night.

3. On Wednesday the sun graced us with its presence and we took advantage of the crisp autumn weather with a trip to a nearby adventure park and farm.

4. It has been lovely spending every day with my boys this half term. They have tomorrow off as well but on Tuesday it’s back to school.

5. The pumpkins took pride of place on our doorstep on Thursday as we hosted a small tea party for friends before trick or treating around the neighbourhood.

6. The kids all dressed up in their scary finery.

7. Cameron’s golf themed birthday cake (no I didn’t make it, cake decorating is not a strength of mine..) went down a treat at the party today.

8. My football crazy son holding one of his favourite birthday presents.

9. It’s bonfire weekend so after the party we went to see an amazing fireworks display.

It’s now almost 11pm and high time I went to bed, I suspect the birthday boy will not let us have a lie-in tomorrow morning. Good night to you all. X

18 thoughts on “This Week’s Favourites

  1. Be careful when you type with one eye open. I’ve done that before and woke up the next day and had to correct spelling and grammar in my posts after they were already published. Lol. 🙂

  2. It seems like a busy week. My days are fully packed as well. Yesterday I drove back to Germany , today I’m struggling with the household here and the miserable weather.
    Today is Monday , new start !

    • Wow how long did it take you to drive there? It was a busy week but still felt that we got time to relax and recharge the batteries for the next six weeks if school.
      And I agree every Monday is a fresh start! X

      • Well my life is quite complicated. Since 4 years now I drive all the time between Leverkusen /Germany and Maidstone /Kent.
        My older daughter did her A levels in The Highworth Grammar school and she studies in the second year in Courtauld Institute of Art .The jounger one did 2 years in the U.K but she wants to return also for the A Leves in September in Hightworth as well.Then if everything goes o.k she wants to get a study place in Saint Martin’s. I do all the driving all the time , through the channel tunnel /Le shuttle. If there is no traffic congestion around Brussels or Brugge then , it takes me 4 hours from /to Leverkusen -Calais, then 1/2 hour eurotunnel and finally another 1/2 hour to Maidstone.
        I hope I can come for more time in September in the U.K as well.; I don’t have a good marriage , it exists only in the papers and I hope as soon as possible to escape from this trap.
        The blog is very important to me , it really opened me a window to life again.
        I wish you a lovely day .xx

      • Thank you , very much for your wishes. I hope that I’ll manage it. I will try my best, it isn’t that easy in my age (53) to start from the beginning. But I don’t want to feel pity for myself. xx

  3. Happy Birthday to Cameron! Wow double digits! A Mini golf party sounds like som much fun. The cake looks good. What flavour was it? I would be exhausted after a week like that 🙂 Clemmie was a cute witch 🙂

    • I know, I can’t believe a whole decade has passed since he was born. Scary how quickly time goes! The cake was vanilla sponge with buttercream and jam, very sweet but the kids seemed to like it. Clemmie loved dressing up for Halloween, it was her first time as she was too young to enjoy it last year. X

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