This week’s favourites

Alla 3

No more buggy! All three children ready for the school run on their scooters.

Water slide collage

I hardly dare say it aloud but this amazing weather just keeps on coming. This week we got the water slide out for the boys and they had lots of fun in the garden.

Hunky Dory Collage

A couple of new purchases in the Sale – a jumper in a pretty coral colour from Swedish brand Hunky Dory and a platter from Iittala (bought from the Royal Design webshop) that I’m using as a tray for the oils and spices that I most frequently use for cooking.


Pool 2

For the third weekend in a row we went over to my parents’ house for a cooling dip in the pool and a barbecue dinner.

cakes Collage Bubbles Birthday party

We rounded off the weekend with yet another birthday party for Clemmie – this time with Grandparents and Godparents – and I’ve now eaten enough cake to last me all summer!

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