A Room of One’s Own: Inspirational Workspaces

One of the (very minor) sacrifices we had to make when we had a third baby was to give up our home office and turn it into a nursery. I know we’re very lucky to have the space that we do, and we could have put the boys into the same bedroom but we decided that would be a surefire route to even less sleep.

While I do have a desk in my bedroom, I would love to one day have a separate workspace again. Not least so that we would have somewhere to keep our books and all the files containing important documents and other things I want to hold on to, like school reports and the children’s art work. As we only have one small bookcase at the moment, we have to be really ruthless about which books we keep – paperbacks go straight to the charity shop once we’ve read them and I try to borrow books from the library rather than buy new ones. Other essentials in my dream office would be a nice big desk and a large noticeboard for  inspirational pictures and important memos.

Here are some lovely images of inspirational home offices from a board I just started following on Pintrest called My Future Home (find it here) I love the first picture and I think my ideal office space would incorporate elements from the top four images. Which one is your favourite?

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