The Fashion Clinic #8: Favourite Flats

Before I had children I never wore flat shoes. Ever. Since becoming a mum, however, I seem to wear nothing but flats, even though at 5′ 2″ I need all the extra height I can get. But let’s face it, heels aren’t exactly practical when you’re running after a three-year-old on a scooter, who is determined to keep up with her big brothers. So until they are old enough to make their own way to and from school, my beloved heels will only grace my feet on special occasions. Luckily, flat doesn’t have to mean frumpy and I’ve rounded up what I think are some of the prettiest around at the moment. In my dreams I would have those Chloe ballerinas in all three colours…

For some reason I never wear lace up shoes or trainers unless I’m going to the gym. I do have a pair of Converse stashed away in a cupboard and I like the look of them on other people but (in my mind at least) they don’t suit me or my style. I am, however, very tempted by these Ash trainers in shimmering gold. Practical AND glam – now that’s something I can really get behind.

The best flat shoes

1. Virgo gold glitter trainers by Ash; 2. Darcy Snake ballerinas by Oasis; 3. Asos Last Dance pointed ballet flats 4. Leather Ballet flats by Repetto; 5. Metal-heeled leather ballet flats by Lanvin; 6. Lauren metallic leather ballet flats by Chloe; 7. Toms Moroccan cut-out flat shoes

24 thoughts on “The Fashion Clinic #8: Favourite Flats

  1. Victoria Beckham has great taste in flats – she was shown wearing spectator styled ones in NYC – and as she has quite lovely taste in clothing and men, I say we are in good company!

  2. Cute!! Loving 2, 4 & 7. I’m always drawn to heels and love me a great pair of sky high ones for dressing up, but most of the time, I’m in flat shoes, wedges or chunky heeled booties. I’ve been favoring my toms and sperry’s lately, but I’m itching for a new flat of some sort!

    • Thank you. I know, I love heels and the way they improve my posture and give me that extra bit of height. At the moment they are just not practical for everyday life although wedges are a good compromise. X

  3. I’m loving 2, 4 & 7! I own a couple of pair of ballet flats and a pair of converses, that’s it. I really wanna get a new pair of ballet flats in light pink and a pair of espadrilles for the spring/summer! Shoe shopping is the best, isn’t it?!

    xoxo Donna

  4. Loved this post, I love my flats and despite a lot of people think they are not flattering, I think that it is how you are wearing them and with what, that makes the difference. High heels are not comfortable and not for everyday wearing,flat shoes well you can wear them always and everywhere.

  5. ” I never wear lace up shoes or trainers unless I’m going to the gym.” -it’s like me talking:D Also can wear if I go on picnic somewhere near forest. I like them but such shoes doesn’t suit me too much, my style. And it’s very hard to find such flat shoes which are comfortable. I need something under my heel , if it’s completely flat my feet hurts. On picture I like 1,3,4! 🙂

  6. I’m always in flats these days. Love all of these. I’m convinced that I can’t have too many pairs. Have you seen the TOMS ballet flats? I have a pair of those and they are really comfortable and practical.

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