Five on Friday


{Clear blue skies and pretty blossoms made me smile despite the runny nose and sore throat}

I sat down to write this post and suddenly realised just how tired I am. The weekend really couldn’t come at a better time and for once the diary is quite empty so hopefully we can fit in some proper family time. I’ve been battling a horrible cold all week so it will be great to get a chance to recharge the batteries and just chill out at home. On the plus side we have had some fabulous weather – isn’t it lovely to reach for the sunglasses rather than the umbrella before heading out the door?


{I’ve been trying to stay healthy and boost my immune system with a daily dose of Spirulina. The boys have dubbed it ‘alien juice’ because of the green colour! I have to admit it does taste pretty awful and is just about bearable mixed into orange juice or a smoothie. But if it keeps the cold symptoms at bay it is definitely worth it.}


{I promised Casper that I would include a picture of him dressed as a Viking for his class assembly this week. He did really well, remembering all his lines and the words to the all the songs, and there were quite a few. Strange to think that his next assembly will be the leavers one, before he and his classmates move onto the junior school.}


{My ballerina pumps had their first outing this week. These are from H&M (last year) and so comfy but I need to buy some more – in black, silver and maybe pink.}


{Despite feeling like death warmed up I made it to my rescheduled hair appointment this week. I had a good couple of inches taken off the ends – as I use hair straighteners every day without fail (I know, slap on the wrist for me..), my hair was quite damaged. I love the shorter length though and the lighter colour. I’ve only been to this hairdresser a couple of times but she’s definitely a keeper! Incidentally, while I was there I read an article which argued that taking selfies is good for your self esteem. Not sure I agree with that, it took me about 20 attempts to get one that I was vaguely happy with and I don’t think I’m exceptionally vain.}

Happy Friday everyone! Mine was made even better by the fact that my husband brought me flowers when he came home from work. That doesn’t happen every week, believe me! X

27 thoughts on “Five on Friday

  1. Sorry you aren’t feeling well! You don’t look it at all if that’s any consolation. 🙂 Taking selfies gets easier the more you do it and after awhile, either you get better at it or you’re more accepting of how you look. I still have to take several before I get one I like though. lol. Hope you have a great weekend!

    • Thank you, that’s so kind of you. I feel much better now so hopefully the horrible Spirulina helped.
      I was wondering how you take your outfit pictures – do you have a remote/tripod? I don’t do very many outfit pics because I always have to rely on other people to take the photos. X

      • I use a remote & tripod, but I also employ my teenager to take them if she’s around and I’m dressed. The remote is great, but it takes longer because you have to set it up and then run back & forth to make sure you’re getting what you want. Maybe it’s just me being neurotic though. lol. If I have the time, I like to use the remote, but using my daughter as photographer is quicker when we’re on the go.

  2. Happy Friday! Hope you feel better soon! I’ve never tried Spirulina before. Sometimes I put a few drops of Oil of Oregano under my tongue (eww) or add a few drops to a glass of water and down it really fast. I haven’t taken any in a while though. Cute selfie though:) And I love your scarf and those H&M flats. That store is a trap. I’ve never ever left there empty handed before!

    Get some rest.:)

    • Thank you! I might try that Oil of Oregano – sounds more palatable than the Spirulina which is pretty horrid. H&M is fab – I’m addicted to the home section as well.
      Hope you’ve having a great weekend! X

  3. Love your hair – crazy scarf! Your son is so cute. Great ballerina flats. Nice post — feel better soon! (I relate to that spirulina, my husband and I tried wheat grass juice for awhile – brutal).

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