The Beauty Edit: Hard as Nails


This picture is the first glimpse of the upcoming Essie Winter 2013 Shearling Darling nail polish collection which is due to hit stores in October. The six new nail colours range from rich, dark burgundy and light pastel shades of lilac and frosty blue to a darker grey-blue and pearly rosy brown. The lighter shades are a surprising addition to a winter collection and, while I think they would look pretty with a tan, I prefer a dark polish in the colder months. My personal favourite is probably the namesake of the range, Shearling Darling, closely followed by Sable Collar and Parka Perfect. Which is yours?


10 thoughts on “The Beauty Edit: Hard as Nails

  1. I would love to see how Toggle The Top would look on my nails. I love nail polish but since I have a baby I had not worn any…
    My nails are provokingly long because they grow faster in warm climate.

    When did you start painting your nails?

    • Good choice, it’s a lovely colour. I started painting my nails as a teen, usually dark colours like black or deep red. I’ve only recently starting doing them myself again as a way to cut down on manicure costs! The only time my nails have been long was during my pregnancies, normally they break before they get to that stage 😦 X

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