Currently Coveting #28: Patterns for Spring

My blog posting has been very sporadic to say the least since the start of this year due to both a lack of time and a lack of inspiration. January and February are not my favourite months and I’ve had no urge to do anything other than curl up on the sofa in front of the TV once the kids are in bed. But spring is finally in the air and with the warmer weather and lighter evenings comes a renewed sense of energy and a desire to start blogging a bit more again.

Last weekend I also did a mini clear out of my wardrobe to make sure it is spruced up for spring. Recently I have been really inspired by bloggers who embrace the concept of a capsule wardrobe and a more minimal lifestyle and while I am not wholly there yet I have slowly been ridding my closet of things I no longer wear.I’m happy with most of what is in there now but a couple of new pieces for spring wouldn’t go amiss. Last spring was all about stripes but this season I’m drawn to bolder prints on blouses and shirts that can be paired with my trusty jeans (current favourites: Topshop Leigh jeans in black or distressed grey) or cropped trousers. Add a pair of ballerinas or Converse and I’m good to go.

Patterns for Spring

{Any of these pretty tops from Anthropologie would fit the bill but if I had to choose one I’d probably pick the short sleeved top in the middle of the top row.}

For a slightly subtler take on the patterned trend I also love these two tops from H&M:

hmprod-2 hmprod-1

What’s your must have item of clothing this spring?

Five on Friday


{A family outing to Leith Hill Tower. The breathtaking views from the top were definitely worth the steep climb to get there.}


{I visited the Designer Showrooms at London Fashion Week for work earlier this week.}


{Our new kitchen is slowly but surely coming together. And no the doors aren’t meant to be bright blue – they are just covered in a protective film!}


{I went to see this year’s most talked about film with a group of girlfriends. I haven’t read the book but apart from some sniggering at the more, shall we say, risque scenes it was actually quite dull.}


{Spring blooms snapped on the walk home from school yesterday. I’m definitely ready to wave goodbye to winter now.}

Hope you all have a great weekend! X

This Week’s Favourites

this week's faves 16:2

Happy Sunday everyone! I’m back with my weekly roundup – I do like these posts as they’re a great reminder of what we’ve been up to during the week, sometimes it just whizzes by so fast. Tomorrow is the start of half term and it couldn’t be more welcome – a week of no school run, homework or extracurricular activities.

1. We had promised Cameron a bike for his birthday back in November and last week we finally went and bought it. A very happy boy has been cycling to and from school this week.

2. Casper was very proud that his poem about Africa made it onto the display board at school. You can’t read it in the picture but I was impressed by the rhyming he used.

3. I finally got my hands on the new Porter magazine – and it didn’t disappoint.

4. Clemmie talking to her cousin in Sweden on her ‘phone’. Sometimes it’s very hard to have your family in a different country 😦

5. My husband bought me some beautiful flowers for Valentine’s Day.

6. The kids enjoying a movie night. It was Clemmie’s turn to choose so they all watched Sofia the First – the boys would never admit it of course, but I think they quite liked it!

7. More cycling! It was a lovely sunny day today so we got the bikes out and cycled around the neighbourhood after lunch.

8. Signs of spring are popping up everywhere, like this pretty lilac blossoms. Please, please, please let this be the last of the rain and the cold!


And then there was today: an afternoon spent up in London with one of my oldest and best friends (who I hadn’t seen for almost a year as she lives abroad. But that’s the beauty of a really strong friendship, you can just pick up where you left off), walking along the Southbank, people watching and enjoying a glass of bubbly in the sunshine.

The perfect end to the weekend! X

Spring is just around the corner!


Maybe it’s just wishful thinking on my part as it’s still only February, but there are some signs that spring is on its way like these beautiful daffodils around the corner from our house.

Over the weekend we got a brief respite from the rain and took the opportunity to go outside and soak up some rays and much-needed vitamin D.


Clemmie posing with the Daffs 🙂

We went to the playground for the first time this year, which seems crazy, but the past few weeks have been so wet that many parts of the country are really suffering with flooding. Unfortunately it looks like the rain is set to return later this week but at least we got a taste of spring. Now I think I would be happy to skip the snow and go straight to warmer weather…