A Weekend of Two Halves

Saturday: Hampton Court Flower Show in soaring temperatures.


{I didn’t buy any plants but I did manage to find a hat!}


{A seafood platter and a glass of chilled rose hit just the right spot}


{So many lovely flower displays to admire. From rustic country gardens…}


{..to the more exotic orchids.}

Sunday: The final installment of Clemmie’s birthday celebrations, a garden party with grandparents and a few friends. Again we were very lucky with the weather.

Present opening

{More presents to open.}

Boys party

{My lovely boys spent most of the time playing football and badminton with their friends.}

No Added Sugar dress

{Clemmie in her new dress from No Added Sugar.}

Party 3

{A very tired girl at the end of the day!}

Interior Inspiration: Outdoor Living

The sun is set to make a welcome reappearance this weekend and immediately my thoughts turn to sprucing up our rather neglected garden. This time last year I was tentatively stretching my non-green fingers by planting pots full of vibrant flowers and clearing the borders from weeds and other debris like broken toys and ice cream wrappers that the children casually toss aside despite my admonitions. But this year, in between working and trying my best to keep up with everything else going on (I seem to be getting at least two emails a day from each of my sons’ schools about more things that need to be crammed in before the end of term) I simply haven’t had the time. To be fair, my husband has been doing a good job of mowing the lawn regularly and cutting back the big plants and shrubs, but he tends to leave the prettifying to me. Looking at these pictures, maybe this will be the weekend when I add a few decorative touches like potted flowers, hanging baskets, lanterns and string up some pretty coloured lights.

Nordic House 1

{Striped hammock from Nordic House}

Nordic House 2

{Large aged flower pot from Nordic House}

Nordic House 3

{Garden candle torches from Nordic House}

Nordic House 4

{Decorative zinc lantern from Nordic House}

Graham & Green

{Striped rocking deckchair from Graham and Green}

Graham & Green 2

{Dean St table and armchairs from Graham and Green}


{Solvinden solar-powered lighting chain from Ikea}


{Picture from Ikea}


{Picture from Ikea}

Five on Friday


{Clemmie playing school with her dolls. It must be a girl thing – I don’t remember the boys doing this}


{This guy went away on a school trip for three nights this week – the longest we’ve been apart since he was born. He returned safely today – tired and dirty but having had a fab time with all his friends}


{Husband came home from work early yesterday so we put the kids in the car and went for an early dinner at our local Thai. The yummiest Pad Thai I have had in a long time and a cheeky glass of rose on a Thursday night}


{I’ve been admiring the gorgeous flowers on display at our local florist. Now the sunny weather has arrived it is time to spruce up the garden, methinks}


{A football tournament for Cameron, swimming for Casper, a princess birthday party for Clemmie and a trip to London for me to see The Glamour of Italian Fashion exhibition are all on the agenda this weekend. It’s going to be a good one!}

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! X


Patience is a Virtue (that I do not possess..)


They say that practice makes perfect and, while I’m certainly not an accomplished gardener or photographer, I love learning (probably the reason why I have two degrees and a postgraduate diploma – staying in full-time education was much more appealing than getting an actual job!). My downfall, however, is my lack of patience – I want to do everything now and fast. But sometimes, especially when you’re doing something new, it’s better to take your time, think about it and have it all mapped out in your head before you actually do it.

Take these flowers I planted today which go by the rather impossible name of Osteospermum. I saw them in the garden centre and was drawn to them because they look like daisies which are my favourite flowers. Knowing I had an empty pot at home, I bought four and rushed home to plant them only to realise that I didn’t have enough compost so back to the garden centre I went to buy some more. Then, instead of waiting until this evening when I would have more time, I just had to plant them straight away even though I only had half an hour until school pick up time. I think they turned out OK but I can’t help thinking that if I had spent more time on the preparation and planting, the end result would have been prettier.


Both photography and gardening are skills that require patience and a steady approach, stopping to think about the composition of a photograph before you press the button or making sure the flowers are positioned correctly before adding the layer of top soil. I think if I could just slow down I would enjoy it more and as a result improve my skills faster. I’m impatient by nature and it’s an aspect of my personality that has been honed by years of working in a fast-paced newsroom where the next deadline was always looming. Perhaps if I could teach myself to slow down that would the greatest lesson of them all.

I had lunch at the garden centre with the loveliest companion.

I had lunch at the garden centre with the loveliest companion.