Interior Inspiration: Outdoor Living

The sun is set to make a welcome reappearance this weekend and immediately my thoughts turn to sprucing up our rather neglected garden. This time last year I was tentatively stretching my non-green fingers by planting pots full of vibrant flowers and clearing the borders from weeds and other debris like broken toys and ice cream wrappers that the children casually toss aside despite my admonitions. But this year, in between working and trying my best to keep up with everything else going on (I seem to be getting at least two emails a day from each of my sons’ schools about more things that need to be crammed in before the end of term) I simply haven’t had the time. To be fair, my husband has been doing a good job of mowing the lawn regularly and cutting back the big plants and shrubs, but he tends to leave the prettifying to me. Looking at these pictures, maybe this will be the weekend when I add a few decorative touches like potted flowers, hanging baskets, lanterns and string up some pretty coloured lights.

Nordic House 1

{Striped hammock from Nordic House}

Nordic House 2

{Large aged flower pot from Nordic House}

Nordic House 3

{Garden candle torches from Nordic House}

Nordic House 4

{Decorative zinc lantern from Nordic House}

Graham & Green

{Striped rocking deckchair from Graham and Green}

Graham & Green 2

{Dean St table and armchairs from Graham and Green}


{Solvinden solar-powered lighting chain from Ikea}


{Picture from Ikea}


{Picture from Ikea}

14 thoughts on “Interior Inspiration: Outdoor Living

  1. Sigh.
    The only way I’ve come close is that I’ve sat on that actual deck shown in the Graham and Green picture, although sadly it’s not my house. It did make for a particularly lovely afternoon though.
    Oh to have a hammock though. And a sunny kid-free afternoon in which to appreciate it.
    Sigh again. Bliss.

      • Boo shot for The White Company Christmas catalogue last summer. One of the hottest days of the year and the kids were all cosied up inside in pjs in front of the fire with a model called Santa. Us mums sat outside on the deck in the sunshine. Chaperoning’s so hard sometimes. πŸ˜‰
        The house was amazing. Absolutely gorgeous garden.

  2. Your styling is terrific! The Ikea lights look much more pricey than they truly are! Superb. I love the rocking deckchair what a find πŸ˜‰ thanks for the tips.

  3. We have two hammocks in our house in France and my children mainly like to fight in them until one falls out and hurts themself…. then they start all over again! Loved your blog post

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