Five on (almost) Friday

I’m a day late with my Five on Friday post but it’s been a busy week. Last night was spent pricing up the last few items for the aforementioned NCT sale and this morning we dropped off two carloads of stuff at the local Sixth Form college where the sale is held. Fingers crossed it all goes! I’m not too bothered about the money but any unsold items have to be collected this evening and I really don’t want any of it back.

We also took six large bags of children’s clothes to the charity shop so at least I can see the floor in my bedroom again. But a temple of minimalism it ain’t (yet..) – six zip-up bags stuffed full of winter gear are going back up to the loft for the next sale in October. One step at a time…


{It has been rainy this week and there is still a chill in the air but spring has officially arrived, which means switching from dark polishes to pastels and neon. I love this Chanel ‘Riviera’ polish – sadly it was a limited edition four years ago and is no longer available.}


{We have also officially entered the Princess Stage and this week both Rapunzel and Cinderella accompanied me on the school run. Princess dresses are fine for sitting in the buggy but no so practical when the little lady wants to get out and run around the playground or jump in puddles.}


{I finally booked tickets to go and see The Glamour of Italian Fashion at the V&A later this month. It promises to be a great exhibition with high octane outfits by the likes of Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana. Can’t wait!}


{How cute are these pink Converse that I bought for Clemmie? I need a new pair too, but maybe not in pink…}


{I met up with a good friend yesterday for a quick catch up over coffee and a to-die-for slice of almond cake. The perfect way to start the weekend. And it’s a three-day one which makes it even better!}

Happy Saturday to you all! X




Wake up and smell the coffee!


The one major downside to this lovely summer weather we’re experiencing at the moment is that the children are finding it really hard to get to sleep. Even when we open all the windows upstairs the heat is stifling as there is virtually no wind. Last night was particularly bad and I can count the number of hours I slept on one hand. I think we really need to invest in some fans although I’ve heard that they’ve sold out nearly everywhere. Looks like we’re not the only ones suffering…

I impressed myself by making it to my gym class this morning and then kept myself going by putting my new Stelton coffee press to good use. After all that caffeine I feel wide awake now, when really I should be trying to get an early night…


Designed by Erik Magnussen for Stelton in 1977, the classic vacuum jug now comes as a press coffee maker in four different finishes. Available from John Lewis for £44.95