Interior Inspiration: Kitchen Thoughts

I’ve mentioned before that we are intending to extend our house this year to create another bedroom in the loft and demolish the hated conservatory. Well, planning permission has finally been secured and the builder has been booked for this autumn so now it’s time for the fun stuff like choosing the kitchen. We have never done a project like this before so it is a real opportunity to create the space that we want, but also quite daunting. A guy from one of the local kitchen companies came over today to do some measurements and give us a few ideas. As we don’t have tons of space or a limitless budget (I wish..) I’m sure that we will have to make a few compromises along the way but in the meantime I have been scouring Pinterest for inspiration (as you do).

Have any of you carried out major kitchen renovations? If so, what are the dos and don’ts? Please share as we need all the advice we can get! X

{Here are some of my favourite kitchen images. Find all of these and more on my Pinterest board My Dream Kitchen.}








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About the return of the heatwave and the trauma of a leaking pipe…

From this…

Wearing our wellies to take the boys to tennis camp on Tuesday

Wearing our wellies to take the boys to tennis camp on Tuesday

to this in just a couple of days:

Cooling down with some water play

Cooling down with some water play

Seeking shade in the playhouse at the bottom of the garden

Seeking shade in the playhouse at the bottom of the garden

Today saw the return of the heatwave after a few days of rain and thank goodness for that! At least Clemmie and I can spend time in the garden as our house is taken over by builders and covered in dust and debris. And there won’t even be a lovely shiny new kitchen or extension at the end of it, as they’re here to fix a leaking pipe buried deep in the wall of our downstairs cloakroom.

We need to get it fixed before we go on holiday as the consequences if it ruptured even more while we were away do not bear thinking about. Once the leak has been repaired all the walls and the ceiling have to dry out which will necessitate moving our fridge freezer and two large kitchen cupboards into the dining area (as that wall backs onto the cloakroom) which is not ideal when you have three kids and an already cramped kitchen…

But every cloud, as they say, has a silver lining. At least the downstairs loo was on the list of rooms we hadn’t decorated since moving here six years ago, so I’m trying very hard to see this as an opportunity to replace the wood-effect laminate floor and pink walls with something more tasteful.

From this…


to something like this in a couple of months if we’re lucky