Enjoy the Little Things


They say that the secret to lasting happiness is finding joy in the little things and counting your blessings every day. So here is my list of the things that are making me happy right now:

* My sister is visiting from Sweden with her children at the moment. As I’ve been working lots this week I haven’t seen much of them yet but Clemmie has spent three days at my parents’ house and has been so happy playing with her cousins. And we have a big family lunch planned for tomorrow.

* I don’t mind the extra work as I’ve been really lucky to land a job which I love (at a time when I wasn’t even looking for work!) and can do from home.

* Today is Friday, my favourite day of the week, and after collecting the boys from tennis camp it is the official start of the weekend!

* The laundry basket is almost empty which means I can forget about the washing for the whole weekend.

* The sun is shining and will hopefully carry on doing so for the next few days.

* I have a butternut squash roasting in the oven at the moment and am planning to make this dish for supper tonight.

* One of my friends is popping over during my lunch break and I’m looking forward to a cup of coffee and nice chat.

* I got an email from Space NK offering me £10 off just as my concealer and foundation have both run out.

I wish you all a Happy Friday! X

16 thoughts on “Enjoy the Little Things

  1. Love this, all great things to be happy about!
    Yay! I’m so happy you get to see your sister!
    I guess, I should go get my laundry basket empty so I don’t have to worry about it all weekend either.
    Have fun this weekend. I hope your weather stays nice.

    • Thank you! Hope you’ve had a good weekend too. My sister’s little girl and Clemmie are only six months apart in age and it’s lovely seeing them play together. Even though they don’t see each other that often they are best buddies.
      And guess what? My laundry basket is full again after only two days!

  2. Lovely post! Enjoy the sunshine and I have fun catching up with your sister! It’s sunny and warm here today as well aka 14 celcius so it was nice to go for a little walk without a heavy coat. It’s supposed to get up to 20 celcius on Monday.:) Trying to enjoy it while it lasts.

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