Interior Inspiration: Cool Kids Rooms

I have just spent an hour or so looking at kids rooms on Pinterest – funny how time flies when you’re on there, I always keep thinking, just one more pin! It’s so addictive..

I would love to incorporate some of these ideas into my own children’s rooms. At the moment, most of my planned house projects are on hold as the layout may change with our planned building work, which is taking far too long to come to fruition for my liking. Hopefully we will do our extension before they are all teenagers and have firm opinions of their own on what they want!


{I love the colour combinations and this lamp, Liv by Jonas Bohlin, is my all-time favourite}


{Pink & white – a classic girlie combo}


{Beautiful floorboards and the teepee would be a fab place to chill out, read a book or listen to music}


{I’ve seen this castle in interior magazines before and if you have the space I think it is a great way to fire up kids’ imagination}


{Or how about a slide to help you get out of bed in the mornings? I would quite like one of these myself!}


{A lovely workspace. The string shelf is a classic that looks good in any room}


{Blackboard paint – a simple way to get the creative juices flowing and also handy for writing down reminders to bring in homework, PE kits, instruments, etc}


{Another lamp that I really like}


{Bold colours against a white background look fab in kids rooms}

For more pictures and inspiration see my Kids Rooms board on Pinterest. No doubt I will add more pictures before the week is over!

‘Til the next post. X

8 thoughts on “Interior Inspiration: Cool Kids Rooms

  1. I love Pinterest, it’s the perfect way to organize your ideas. All these pictures are gorgeous I especially love the pink and white combo (probably since I have it myself in my daughters room 😉). Talking color combos I love white and beige with a touch of denim (pillows and such). Beautiful post, happy planning!!! Xxx

  2. But where’s that stuff?! Argggggggghhhhhh – that’s my downfall!!! I am to in the throes of spring cleaning..for the second time…the first at Christmas didn’t do it..but this is I have boxes of stuff stacked outside their rooms..maybe that’s their secret too!!! xxxx

    • I think so: They probably just shove all the toys out of the way to take the picture or hide them under the bed. We are also reorganising at the moment but even though I keep clearing stuff out more seems to appear all the time! Xxx

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