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Everyday I’m stumblin’…Here are few links that I’m loving at the moment:

1. The older I get the less bothered I am about keeping up with the latest fashion trends so I was relieved to read that not falling victim to fly-by-night trends is one of the seven habits of highly stylish people! Find out what the other six are at StyleCaster

2. 16 Signs You’re A Little (Or A Lot) Type A. I’m not entirely proud that I read this article with a pang pf recognition. Just about all of those points apply to me, especially the sleeping (or lack of it) and worrying too much about things that may never happen

3. We’re in the process of upgrading our eldest son’s room to make it more suitable for a pre-teen. Out go the pirate cushions and in come these cool headphone bookends.

4. My default hairstyle when I’m not wearing it down is a messy bun or a simple braid but this week I’ve been trying out this cute dutch braid. Find a step-by-step tutorial here

5. How To Make Your Child Feel Special With Just 3 Magic Words .This article is a must-read for any parent out there. I’m a strong believer that you should not need to raise your voice in your own home but sometimes that’s easier said than done and life coach Lisa Parkes shows parents how to transform screaming to peaceful.

6. Great art doesn’t have to break the bank. We recently renovated our downstairs cloakroom and while I love the monochrome colour scheme the walls were looking a bit bare so I’ve ordered this limited edition print by Dutch fashion illustrator Judith van den Hoek from Swedish website Arte Limited.

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