This Year’s Christmas Card Trauma…

Xmas photos

You know the saying ‘Never work with children or animals’? Well, the first part of that statement certainly rang true last week when I spent two separate afternoons trying to get just one decent picture of the children in their Santa hats to use for a Christmas card. Despite bribing them with promises of sweets (bad mummy, I know..) getting the three of them to all look at the camera and smile at the same time proved rather challenging, to put it mildly…

If one wasn’t picking their nose, the other was sticking their tongue out or the third was tickling/pinching/pushing their siblings. It was actually easier when Clemmie was baby, as at least she stayed in one place instead of climbing all over the sofa and her brothers. I came close to giving up but I know how much our friends and relatives (many of whom live abroad) appreciate these cards. In the end it was worth persevering as I did get one (yes ONE) usable picture. Jazzed up with a bit of fake snow and a red border it does the job, even if Cameron looks like he wants to be anywhere but in the picture (that’s a pre-teen’s prerogative I suppose..)

Xmas card final

This year’s Christmas card from the Anderson family. I hope the recipients appreciate the hours of hard work that went into it…

14 thoughts on “This Year’s Christmas Card Trauma…

  1. The final card picture is great! I always say that I think that photgraphing wild animals must be easier than photographing children. Blackberry #1 loves to run out of the picture, and usually refuses to smile….

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