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I could really do with an extra five (child free!) hours in the day at the moment. Despite my best intentions I still haven’t wrapped ANY of the Christmas presents and each day more packages are arriving in the post and added to the towering pile of cardboard boxes in the laundry room. I feel like one of those compulsive shoppers who keep keeps buying more and more stuff but just hiding the unopened bags in the cupboard (except none of the purchases are actually for me). Tomorrow I really must start opening the boxes and wrapping a few each night…

But first here is a quick recap of my week:

1. I’m doing most of my Christmas shopping online but I did venture into town earlier this week and stumbled across a cute Christmas market in the church yard, complete with traditional stalls and..

2. old-fashioned cart selling hot chestnuts. I’ve never actually tried them (if anyone has – are they nice?) but they smell gorgeous.

3. The advent stars in our kitchen windows are switched on every afternoon as soon as it starts to get dark. I love how they make the room feel all warm and cosy and always miss them when they come down in January.

4. It was a very busy weekend for us and one of the highlights was the Christmas concert which Casper’s Beaver Scout group put on last night. Casper and his friend dressed up as The Proclaimers and gave a sterling rendition of their hit I’m Gonna Be (500 miles).

5. This morning we got up early to go to The Swedish Church in London for the annual St Lucia celebration. The boys dressed up as ‘stjarngossar’ (star boys) and Clemmie was a tiny Lucia. We all sang Christmas songs before going down to the church hall for gingerbread biscuits, coffee and juice.

6. I know I’m biased, but have you ever seen a cuter Lucia? Clemmie was very brave and stayed at the front of the church for the whole concert. My baby is growing up!

7.. Counting down the days: We lit the second advent candle today, not long to go now!

8. My husband and I also had a taste of this year’s Glogg (a bit like mulled wine but nicer, in my opinion!) before dinner.

9. We rounded off the weekend by heading over to our friends’ house to celebrate their daughter’s third birthday with this yummy red velvet cake. The perfect end to a great week!

We also finally bought our Christmas tree today, so the kids and I put the decorations up when we got home but the lights aren’t on yet so I haven’t taken any pictures. It’s on my list for tomorrow along with the wrapping and writing the Christmas cards…

Hope you have a great evening! X

10 thoughts on “This Week’s Favourites

  1. You are not biased at all, she is a super cute Santa Lucia ! You have all the right to be very proud,
    Have anice week .xxx

  2. Lovely post, very nice pictures! Clemmie is beautiful and the boys are glowing too! Where are you?! 😛 Did your clothes from H and M arrive?

    I went to a celebration of St Lucia a long time ago. A friend was studying Swedish at university. She even moved to Sweden for a while. Anyways, it was astonishing! I can just imagine all the emotions floating in your heart. I can sure feel the excitement coming from you which is truly great!

    I am always slower to get in touch with my deeper feelings. I always think something is going to change and I will have to adopt quickly. 😛

    I love Christmas concerts! What do beaver scouts do, normally?

    I have nothing against online shopping… did you get the bag you posted about? 😉

    Chestnuts are very popular in Hungary. I prefer to eat it in the paste form inside of pastries. 🙂

    xoxo, Eszter

    • Hello, so lovely to hear from you. The Santa Lucia celebration was in the Swedish church in marylebone. I didn’t get the bag in the end, put it on my Christmas list though so we will his generous Santa is feeling..
      The beaver scouts do all kinds if activities, both indoors and outdoors, making things, building camp fires, cooking, etc.
      hope you have a great week. Xxx

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