This Week’s Favourites

This weeks faves 17:11:13

Sunday night again. The kids are in bed and I’m waiting for Homeland to start but first a quick update on another week that flew by.

1. I took all the children to have their hair cut at the start of the week – the boys’ fringes were getting so long they could hardly see! Clemmie and Casper were happy to just let the hairdresser get on with it but Cameron had very specific ideas about what he wanted – short back and sides (using the clippers) and longer at the front. He spent most of the journey home admiring his own reflection in the car windows!

2. Thursday morning saw the much-anticipated launch of the H&M collaboration with French designer Isabel Marant. As sod’s law would have it, the online shop opened at 9am which is the same time that Clemmie’s preschool opens. As my husband refused to take the kids to school and be late for work so that I could get first dibs on the highly coveted collection (men, eh?) , I had to race home after dropping them off only to be greeted by this message on my computer screen…

3. Until finally, after pressing the ‘Try Again’ button a million times (it seemed like it at least), I was in! Sadly, most of the items on my wish list had already gone but I managed to get my hands on these stunning shoes and also a grey jumper (rather nondescript in the picture but, hey, it’s Isabel Marant at less than £40!).  I have since read that it was one of the fastest selling collaborations of all-times – not surprising I guess, given all the hype surrounding it – so I think I was very lucky to get anything at all.

4. To raise money for Children in Need, Cameron’s school invited all pupils to dress in their pyjamas on Friday while Casper’s school asked them to wear polka dots. The first one was easy enough but as Casper was not keen to wear his sister’s spotty pyjamas (I can’t imagine why!) we ended up cutting out sticky-back felt circles and putting them onto an old plain T-shirt.

5. Finally Friday and candles lit for a cosy night in..

6. ..and a glass (or two) of bubbly to celebrate the end of the week.

7. A very dear friend gave me these four Mateus cups as a belated birthday present. Definitely worth waiting for!

8. Despite the grey, drizzly weather, we went on an outing to Bodiam Castle in Kent this morning. It took just over an hour to get there but it was well worth it.

9. We wrapped up the weekend by having dinner at Pizza Express with the grandparents.

And that’s it. Another week done and dusted! Have a great Sunday night. X


20 thoughts on “This Week’s Favourites

  1. What a lovely week! 🙂 The candles/bubbly and pizza with the family sound like highlights of the week – as well as the charitable work! Do tell me – should I give Homeland a try? And tell us more about the new H&M collection. 🙂 Best, Shanna

    • It was a lovely week in the end. Homeland is great, although we’re now on the third series and it’s been a bit slow to get going but definitely worth watching.
      Sadly I think most of the H&M/Isabel Marant collection sold out in just a few hours. There may be a few pieces left if you on to the website and I’m sure some will also appear on eBay (but probably at inflated prices..). X

      • Oh, yes, of course! As to be expected about the H&M collection – these things always go so quickly. *sigh* I do love that you are sharing your fashion with us mums. The photos on your site are cool, chic and feminine – your style is right up my alley! On a side-note, guess who found a gorgeous, never worn Elie Tahari blouse at a “vintage” store today for $7? It was a diamond in the rough! Have a great night – and I will try Homeland, per your suggestion. Warmly, Shanna

    • They weren’t on my original list but in the end I was happy to just get something. Still have to wait for them to arrive, H&M’s deliveries can be very slow.. but hopefully they’ll get here before Christmas. X

  2. Hi! I’ve nominated you for the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award! Click here for more info –

  3. I love the shoes but cannot see the jumper… maybe this will call for an outfit of the day… you need to educate us more on Ms Marant anyways…

    The haircuts turned out great! How many hours were you all in the salon?

    You always make time to get some fresh air! Admirable!

    xoxo, Eszter

    • I know, I couldn’t find a picture of the jumper. All sold out now. I have to wait for it all to be delivered now which can take weeks with H&M…
      Haircuts were quite quick except for Cameron’s. Casper really didn’t enjoy it, bless him.
      Btw is the weekend photo challenge still going on?

      • The topics that Sarah originally suggested were for 8 weeks for the photo challenge but I think if you like the whole idea of a themed post, you can continue with it.

        I did not realize that the jumper is not yet in your hands. Logical…

      • It is up to you. If you want me to be your partner in the photo challenge let me know. Would you prefer to come up with topics involving the children or should it be only about outfit of the day?

  4. I started to remind you about the Isabel Marant H&M debut but then I told myself “Nah, she’s on top of it.” 😉 Love the shoes!
    Cute haircuts as well. 😉

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