Embrace the Chaos


{My Crazy Gang: They don’t half drive me mad sometimes but I love them to the moon and back}

This has been one of those weeks when we’ve been rushing around, late for everything, with tempers fraying left, right and centre. I love my three children more than anything in the world but sometimes the mixture of toddler tantrums, pre-teen hormones, sibling fighting and refusal to listen can drive me up the wall (especially when they’re all going on at the same time!)  Both boys left their scooters behind at school on the same day this week (I don’t know how they managed that – obviously forgetfulness runs in the family!) which meant that trying to get out of the house on Wednesday morning was even more fraught than usual. I had to take deep breaths and count to ten many a time this week, but I’m sure that one day when they’re all grown up I will look back and miss all the noise and mess!

But for now I’m just enjoying the peace and quiet that has descended over the house this evening as we all relax after our busy week. My father-in-law and his wife are visiting us from France this weekend so I’m going to dim the lights to hide all the dust, light some candles and put a bottle of bubbly in the fridge.

Happy Friday to you all! X

18 thoughts on “Embrace the Chaos

  1. Sounds like our week although I forgot the girls’ dentist appointment instead of scooters! And I’ve got the bubbly on ice too. Catch up soon. X

  2. We’ve had a week like that, too! (Moreso a Saturday, I guess – the rest of the week was not much worse than usual. Then again, that’s already pretty bad.)

    Anyway, I feel your frazzledness. I’m not sure I’ll miss the noise and chaos, though. I’m sure I’ll miss something… but perhaps not that.

  3. Hi!
    Loved this blog. I have a 5 year old kid who is single handedly capable of driving me up the wall. I can well imagine what three kids can sum upto. but their smiles are all worth it. your kids are too cute. god bless!

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