Listen up People – It’s Friday!!


{I love being a mum but sometimes we all deserve a bit of time off}

We have had a lovely afternoon with my sister and her kids who are visiting from Sweden. When the boys came home from school it turned into a bit of a mad house with five children aged from 2 to 10 running around, but it was great for all the cousins to get together as they hadn’t seen each other since August.

Now it’s winding down time, the children have just got out of the bath and are deciding which movie to watch for their Friday night treat. The rain is pouring down outside but it’s lovely and cosy inside. I’m going to light some candles, have a glass of wine and enjoy the peace and quiet before I cook dinner.

A great weekend (I hope!) lies ahead:  tomorrow night I am going out for dinner with my sister – a rare occurrence as we live in different countries. Then on Sunday I am going an even rarer trip to a spa with a friend. We are only going for one night but we have lots of nice treatments booked and I hope it will be a chance to recharge the batteries before the run-up to Christmas.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! X


23 thoughts on “Listen up People – It’s Friday!!

      • That is not too bad if your sister and her family will be back in December and you also saw them in August. But I guess all is relative. You might feel you would love to be with her every week.
        Facial? Yummy! Sounds very nice.

      • It was all lovely. Felt very relaxed when I got back this afternoon but of course that lasted all of five minutes!
        I do see quite a lot if my sis considering we’re in different countries but sometimes it would be nice to just be able to meet up for a coffee. Also our daughters are only six months apart s s great friends so they would love to see more of each other too. X

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