The Beauty Edit: (Re) Verso the Years

Vesro 3

I still remember the first time I went up to a beauty counter in search of an anti-aging cream. I was 23 years old and luckily the lady at the Clarins counter took a no nonsense approach and steered me away from the wrinkle-busting potions, instead persuading me to buy a pot of their Gentle Day Cream which I carried on using for many years.
I am extra grateful that she didn’t indulge my worries about my non-existent wrinkles after reading an article in The Sunday Times In Style magazine which warns against starting to use harsh anti-aging products too early, saying that they can irritate the skin and even cause it to age prematurely (take heed all you 20 somethings out there!)

Fast forward a few years and while I’m quite happy to grow old (er) gracefully without Botox, fillers or more invasive treaments, my skin is in need of a helping hand to stave off the signs of aging. The irony is that I probably spent both more money and time on my skincare regime when I was in my 20s than I do these days. Instead of the Clarins or Lancome products that I used to favour, I have been buying my face creams on the high street, or worse,  relying on samples from magazines, which are not necessarily adapted for my skin type (Big slap on the wrist for me!).

In the summer holidays I read about a new Swedish skincare brand called Verso which uses a formula called Retinol 8 to stimulate the skin’s own production of collagen and hyaluronic acid in order to reduce the signs of aging (read more about the science behind the products here). It’s not the cheapest option around but this month I decided to bite the bullet and invest in the serum and day cream (the range also includes a cleanser, eye cream and night cream). As the products only arrived yesterday I haven’t yet been able to gauge if they live up to their promises but watch this space for a more comprehensive review…

{Verso skincare is available from Selfridges in the UK. For a full list of international stockists click here.}



4 thoughts on “The Beauty Edit: (Re) Verso the Years

  1. Just the other day, I was discussing with an office colleague how I used to buy more expensive products in my 30s but gradually lowered my price range in my 40s; my reaction to multinationals charging (and earning) big fortunes on ”anti-age” products with ”miraculous” results!? Verso seem to take a straight forward, non-nonsense marketing approach (and be kinder to our wallets).. enough to get my attention! xx

    • Yes so far I’m very pleased with the products. One of my main motivations for switching was that I keep reading about all the harmful chemicals many of teh nig skincare and cosmetics companies put into their products. X

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