The Fashion Clinic #7: Back to Basics

As we had our wardrobe redecorated this week (there was mould on ceiling that had to be removed…yuck!) I was forced into a long overdue clear-out of its contents. Seeing all my clothes laid out on the bed made me realise that, for want of a better analogy, my wardrobe consists of too much icing and not enough cake. Or, if you prefer, my shopping habits definitely veer towards choosing style over substance. I have plenty of lovely tops and delicate little dresses but only three pairs of jeans that I actually like and I wear jeans on an almost daily basis. Makes sense? No, me neither. I also have twelve pairs of black boots (in different styles but even so) and umpteen cardigans and knitted jackets.

What is woefully lacking though are the everyday essentials that pull all the statement pieces together into different outfits. As we all know good basics are the backbone of a wearable wardrobe and mine is certainly crumbling on that front. I don’t know about you, but plain white vests and T-shirts don’t really set my pulse racing in the same way as leopard print and sequins do, but if I’m going to be buying any clothes at all over the next few months I need to make sure they fall into this category.

Here are some of the best basics I’ve found so far:

Gap vests2

Gap’s Pure Body range is all about basic pieces and, in my opinion, represents what this retailer does best. Just no frills, good quality essentials in super soft cotton that will last and last. At the moment there is an offer on where you get 25% off when you buy three or more camisoles.

H&M basics2

A white (or grey or black) T-shirt in a flattering fit is a true wardrobe staple but you don’t always have to pay through the nose. I bought three T-shirts in white, black and pale pink from H&M over the summer and they have lasted really well. With prices starting from £3.99 you can afford to stock up.

American Vintage3

American Vintage is one of my favourite labels for basic pieces in the softest lightweight Supima cotton that are just made for layering. The Jacksonville is the perfect slouchy shape and comes with long or short sleeves in an array of colours. I have one in gray and one in navy but could definitely do with investing in a couple more.


Basic doesn’t have to mean boring. These cute vests from Danish label Rosemunde have pretty lace detailing around the neckline and come in 26 different colours from neutrals to brights.

6 thoughts on “The Fashion Clinic #7: Back to Basics

  1. Oh basics are so not my field of joy but I like the Rosemunde tops and the American Vintage ones are nice with their V-necks but still pretty plain. I have lots of plain clothes that I always feel bad about later. They end up being nightwear. I would wear the smancy-fancy stuff day and night if I were you. HAHA
    Alright, I know, that was not your aim. Let me think basics.
    I only wear Bonds underwear. And I guess I might try out their basic collection if I had to.,,/?SID=2au5nci41ho0spgdatavjk21b3

    What else?
    Are these basics:

    OK, I get a pet on the head. Mango basics! It keeps translating to Spanish…

    Not let me see those colors at Rosemunde… 😛
    xoxo, Eszter

    • I totally agree, I’m all for smancy-fancy outfits, just need some plainer pieces to bring it all together and keep me warm now that we’re heading towards winter. I like the Bonds stuff and the Mango basics look nice too buy would have to see them in real nice to check the quality. I don’t really get on with Boden, their clothes never seem to fit me right but I like it for the kids.
      The Rosemunde vests are adorable, I like my basics to have a bit of detailing like a lace trim or ruched sleeve.
      Look out for an email from me this evening. Didn’t get time yesterday, Clemmie was very demanding. Xxx

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