Friday again – my favourite day of the week and the start of the weekend. If I’m completely honest, with three children of varying ages I sometimes find weekends exhausting as we’re constantly ferrying them around to various activities and parties. This weekend there are no less than three parties plus Casper’s birthday on Sunday – his party is not until next weekend, thankfully.

By contrast, Friday afternoons are normally a quiet affair. There’s no homework or after school activities, I usually make something nice for dinner and we all just potter around doing our own thing. Sometimes the boys have play dates but today the whole gang is home – the boys are upstairs listening to music and building Lego, Clemmie is playing with the train set and I’m catching up on emails and writing my blog. I have so many blog posts in my head and written out in the note section of my phone, but I just haven’t had the time this week to actually put them together, find pictures and edit them etc. Oh well, there’s always next week…

Friday night is movie night in our house so after dinner there will be popcorn and sweets in front of a film. The boys have a strict system (that they’ve come up with themselves) in place for choosing the film – one of them will pick their top five movies and then the other one will choose which one to watch that night. Then, once they’re in bed, unless we’re going out my husband and I will also watch a movie although tonight I think we will probably plough through another two or three episodes of House of Cards which we’ve just discovered.

Which is your favourite day of the week?


8 thoughts on “T.G.I.F

  1. Friday nights. My husband gets home for family dinner, we eat all together and after the kids go to bed, we have some wine and watch whichever show we are currently hooked on (Homeland, season 2). We watched House of Cards and liked it too. I developed a style crush on Claire and even contemplated cutting off my hair . . .and then thought twice 😉

    • Sounds like my kind of Friday night. The older I get the more I prefer staying in especially when the evenings get darker. I know what you mean about Claire, very stylish and elegant. I had my hair cut short once in my early 20s and never again – I liked it for about a month and then spent six months waiting for it to grow. X

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