Weekend Photo Challenge: OOTD for Mummy and Child


The boys were not keen to participate in today’s challenge so here’s another picture of Clemmie (in Zara waistcoat, H&M skirt and shoes which my friend bought for her in New York). I will get them next week when the theme is sleeping, no escaping then!

And because she asked so nicely, here is a picture of me in my new Yoga tops especially for Eszer. My eldest son asked me to also mention that he took the picture 🙂

Hope you all have a lovely Sunday. X

PS. I think the challenge is really meant to be for the Saturday but it’s such a busy day for us that I usually struggle to post anything, let alone take any photos. So I’m always a day late!

Yoga 1

5 thoughts on “Weekend Photo Challenge: OOTD for Mummy and Child

  1. I just found this post! I did not know you will participate in the photo challenge again! What a great surprise! I quickly added your blog’s link to my post. For some reason it only goes to your home page and not to this post. I tried 5 times.

    You girls look so cute! You did not tell me your age but I am guessing we are both the blessed fruit of the 70s. You look so innocent though! I would not say you have three children just by looking at you!

    What a great shot this is of you! Your photographer is talented if I may say so! 🙂
    And Clemmie is a natural! May I borrow her skirt time to time? 😛

    xoxo, Eszter

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