We’re getting there…


The tree and all the decorations are up, the Christmas cards have been written and posted, the presents have been bought (and some are even wrapped). Apart from a couple of minor mishaps (nephew’s present going missing in the post and granddad unknowingly buying the same gift for Casper that I had already ordered), this year’s festive preparations have (dare I say it!?) been remarkably plain sailing.

The hardest thing this week has been getting the kids up in the morning and delivering them to school on time. Having notched up no less than six Christmas concerts between them in the last week, they are just plain exhausted and in need of a break from the daily routine. This weekend could not have rolled around soon enough but at least there are only five more days of school to go and most of the after school activities have already finished for the term.

On a different note, I’m after some Christmas movie tips. My all-time favourites are Love Actually and The Holiday but my husband finds them too soppy (can’t think why?!) so I’d like to find some films that we can enjoy together. Do you have a favourite Christmas movie?

Have a great weekend. X

Post note: I just realised that The Holiday is on TV tonight – yay! – and husband is out at a Christmas party – double yay!