Five on Friday


{Clemmie’s favourite present was without a doubt the Princess Anna costume. She is obsessed with Frozen at the moment and, if she had her way, would happily watch the film every day.}


{Beach 2014 is just around the corner (I live in hope that we will get at least a few sunny days in Sweden!) so I’ve been trying to eat healthily and go to the gym a couple of mornings a week. It’s a drag to get there by 8am but it feels so good afterwards.}


{The kids absolutely love going to our local library and lately I’ve been taking advantage of the great selection of books there too.}


{Today was Cameron’s sports day. He was very pleased to come fourth in the sack race.}


{I’m off to Hampton Court Flower Show tomorrow. I haven’t been for a couple of years so am really looking forward to admiring the gorgeous displays and indulging in a glass of Pimms or two!}

Have a fab weekend! X



This week’s favourites


The sun is still with us so I got the water table out and Clemmie had a fun time splashing around and pouring water everywhere (including the sand pit which I was not too happy about!)


Clemmie finished playgroup this week and while she was at her last session I headed to a local cafe for a latte and a quick browse through the latest issue of Living Etc magazine. I had a to-do list as long as my arm, but it was my last child-free hour until she starts preschool in September so I wanted to make the most of it!


While I was in the village I also bought some yummy chocolates to give to the lovely ladies who have been looking after her at playgroup.

Sports Day

Sports Day in the sweltering heat! The kids all did well and kept smiling despite the sun beating down while they were doing their running and egg-and-spoon races.


Buying peonies on a Friday has become a rather nice habit. Sometimes my husband has even been known to buy them for me!


I went to a charity dinner on Friday night organised by my good friend Vicky to raise money for Street League and won this beautiful bracelet in the raffle.


My eldest son and I kicked off Sunday morning with a power walk around the village and a nice chat about school, Minecraft and football.

Clemmie sleeping

After a full day of cycling, barbecuing, swimming and eating tons of strawberries, one member of the household simply could not keep their eyes open any longer!


It’s been a full-on weekend so I’m tempted to do the same after finishing my glass of wine and a couple of squares of Lindt’s Blueberry Intense dark chocolate.