A Spoonful of Style is now on Facebook!


Some of you eagle eyed readers may have spotted a row of pretty pastel coloured button on the top right corner of this page. I have finally added social media buttons for Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest and also – drumroll, please! – created a Facebook page for A Spoonful of Style. I am always immensely proud of myself when I master anything technical on the blog – I’m sure that for many bloggers these are very simple things to do but for a ‘non techie’ like me it is a real achievement! (I always worry that I will press the wrong button and ‘Pouff’ the whole blog will somehow be deleted!)

Anyway, the blog is still here and now with its very own FB page. So I now have a tiny little favour to ask of you: if you click here or on the ‘F’ button in the top right hand corner you will get to my Facebook page. Obviously there is no obligation whatsoever, but if you did feel like pressing the ‘Like’ button on my page, it would make my day!