Our holiday so far

It’s hard to believe that we’re already coming to the end of day five of our two week holiday – time really does pass too quickly sometimes.


We had a fairly calm crossing on the ferry to Denmark on Thursday (luckily for me as I get seasick very easily). Apart from some squabbling in the backseat, the drive over to Sweden also went very smoothly and we stopped in the southern town of Lund for the first night before continuing our journey to Astrid Lindgren’s World.


The park is a tribute to the much-loved children’s author and the many wonderful characters she created. The most famous of these (internationally at least) is Pippi Longstocking and at the moment she’s also three year old Clemmie’s favourite.


I love that throughout the day there are performances where a cast of brilliant actors bring the stories to life. Astrid Lindgren’s books are a huge part of my childhood and it’s heartwarming to see my children enjoy them too.


The miniature traditional Swedish houses dotted around the park are stunning. I wouldn’t mind living in this one myself:


A road trip with three kids can be trying at times but one of the best bits is finding little gems along the way like this golf club with an amazing view where we had lunch on Friday.


Or this lovely interior shop which was located next to an old mill that we visited today on our way back to the south of Sweden.


This afternoon we arrived in Ă…hus where we will spend a week with my parents and my sister’s family. After dinner at a beachside restaurant the kids played on the beach with their cousins as the sun was setting, wading out into the shallow water and hunting for jellyfish. A perfect summer’s evening!