Interior Inspiration: Mood Boards

Living room mood board 3

Tray table from Hay/Blanket by Pia Wallen/Cushions by Chhatwal & Jonsson/Sofa from Ikea/ Lamp by Sebastian Wrong for Flos

Kitchen mood board 2

Lamp by Philippe Starck for Flos/Bar stool by Hay/Sideboard from Ikea/Tulip table from Vertigo Interiors/Arne Jacobsen Seven chair

Just before Christmas, work started on an extension to our house that will eventually result in a new kitchen and playroom/family room. After two years of talking about it and another six months of getting the plans drawn up and finalised, it’s incredibly exciting to see it all come together.

This week we have just embarked on the difficult stage of  the building work where we lose our kitchen and are all confined to one room downstairs with only a microwave for cooking. The children are super excited at the thought of eating ready meals and takeaways every night for three or four weeks – me, less so. At least it means that the end is in sight and in a matter of weeks we will have a brand new kitchen without baseboards that fall off every time you go near them. And an extractor fan that works and a kitchen sink that doesn’t leak! This ‘compact living’ is also a great reminder that we don’t actually need a lot of the stuff we have accumulated over the years. While emptying out the kitchen at the weekend we discovered two or more of several things (including six biscuits tins – none of them containing biscuits!) as well as kitchen equipment that we rarely or never use.

As part of the new extension we are making the playroom/family room slightly bigger and linking it with the kitchen. Now that the boys are bigger most of their toys reside in their bedrooms but Clemmie’s room is tiny and she still prefers to play near me downstairs. We won’t be buying loads of furniture but a new sofa is definitely on the list as well as some nice cushions and lamps – at the moment we have no lamps downstairs apart from the ceiling spotlights! We already have a cupboard similar to that in the picture and I plan to replace the glass doors with chicken wire to make it suitable for storing toys in.

The kitchen we have chosen is white with built-in handles and light grey worktops. It will be lovely to have lots of storage space and a kitchen island where the kids can eat breakfast and do their homework. I doubt it will stay as clutter free as the pictures for long though!

Hope you’ve all had a good start to the week. I’m determined to get back to regular blogging so look out for more posts this week. X

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