Christmas 2014

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas filled with joy, presents, food, friends and family. Was Santa generous this year?

Unfortunately I was hit by the flu virus at the start of the week and by Christmas Day was suffering from a terrible head cold & a temperature of 39C 😦 Not quite the Christmas I wanted, but I managed to struggle on and enjoyed a lovely lunch with the in-laws and LOTS of present opening before collapsing into bed at 6pm. I’m slowly on the mend now and enjoying a few lazy days at home with my family, including much Lego building, watching Christmas films and consoling Baby Annabel when she cries (no, not a new bundle of joy, just the very lifelike doll that Clemmie got For Christmas!)

Given that I wasn’t exactly feeling on top of the world, I didn’t manage to take that many pictures on Christmas Day but here are a few from the last week:


{Baking gingerbread biscuits is a tradition in our household. I buy ready made dough from the Swedish shop so it is easy-peasy, just roll it out and let the children go wild with the cookie cutters}


{Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a few board games. Our favourites are Monopoly (ideally the Junior version as it doesn’t go on for hours) and Cluedo}


{All ready for Father Christmas. I bought new personalised Christmas stockings for the children this year as the old ones were in such as sorry state}


{This beautiful dragonfly necklace by British jeweller Alex Monroe was hiding in my Christmas stocking. Santa has obviously been reading my blog!}


{And finally, the children in all their finery before Christmas lunch with the in-laws}

Wishing you all a belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! X



12 thoughts on “Christmas 2014

  1. So sorry to hear you weren’t well over Christmas… such a shame to be ill at this time of year. My son wasn’t well either but managed to pull an 11th hour recovery in time for Christmas Day! What a good Santa for reading your blog and getting you that dragonfly necklace. The children look lovely all dressed up for Christmas. All the best to you for 2015!

  2. Sorry to hear you were poorly, at least it was only the flu – could’ve been much worse! Looks like you still spent a lovely time with your family!

    Your boys look so smart in their shirts, bless them!

    Merry Christmas, Have a fantastic new year!

    May // Drops of Brandy


  3. I am sorry you were sick on Christmas 😦 I was sick right before Christmas for like 10 days 😦 But luckily got better a day before Christmas. The necklace looks really lovely and the Children look so handsome and nice 🙂 Happy New year to you and your family. I hope you are feeling better 🙂 xoxo Fanni

  4. Nooo! So sorry to hear you were feeling under the weather! I’m glad you’re on the mend. The kids look adorable all dressed to the nines and that dragonfly necklace is beautiful! Hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday break!

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