It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Christmas time

If we overlook the tiny little fact that we don’t yet have a Christmas tree, our house is starting to look very festive indeed. The tree will definitely be purchased this weekend and then we can hopefully sit back and enjoy the seasonal cosiness. We’re having some major building work done at the moment and I’m very relieved that the builders told us this week that the kitchen will remain intact until the new year. Somehow, I did not relish the thought of attempting to cook Christmas dinner in the microwave!

Meanwhile, the schools have started the rather grueling countdown to the Christmas holidays. I know it’s all good fun and I’d hate to sound like the Grinch but at the moment emails are being fired at me left, right and centre about Christmas concerts, class parties, Christmas hat day, Christmas jumper day, Christmas mini market etc etc. To be honest, the children are all completely exhausted and as they don’t actually seem to be doing any work at the moment maybe the schools should consider breaking up this Friday rather than next…

At least my Christmas shopping is done now, after numerous Amazon orders and a four hour session in town today. All that remains is the wrapping and of course sending out the Christmas cards (I bought pre-printed ones this year to save time) and then I really will put my feet up and sip a glass or two of mulled wine.

How are your Christmas preparations going?


10 thoughts on “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

  1. Pretty! We will also get our tree this weekend, and then things will really feel like Christmas! My kids are in college, so it’s feeling oddly quiet here. This is my first year with no kids in the house. I guess we all go from one extreme to the other!

  2. I just blogged about this today! My Christmas prepping is going terrible! We just got the tree up tonight, but some of the lights are busted so I have to buy some new ones and then spend time tomorrow replacing them. I have zero other decorations up and my Christmas shopping is only about a quarter of the way done. I’m ready to just skip the whole damn thing and go straight to 2015! 😛

    • As we say, great minds think alike! We put the tree up tonight and after reading your post I decided to also sit back and give the kids a free rein on the decorations (always hard to curb those OCD tendencies) and it turned out just fine. X

  3. Too many school events, christmas to dos and getting ready! I had minimal work this year but it still felt like a lot and I worry that I might be turning into my mom who did the least she could do! I wonder now if she had the right idea! Xoxo

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