Life Lately…

Sorry, I know that I’ve been MIA for over two weeks now. Bizarrely, I seem to have even less time now that all three children are at school! This is probably because I’m trying to catch up on all the things that have been festering on my to-do list for the last few years such as clearing out all the closets and toy cupboards and finally putting together our photo albums, dating back to 2011. The blog has definitely taken a backseat and, as we are starting a major building project next month, I suspect it will continue to do so for a while longer. But here is a quick update on the last two weeks.


{I love that moment of calm after the morning chaos. I drop all the kids at school and have breakfast at my desk while checking my emails and reading a few blogs}

Chocolate Sundae


{We went out for dinner last weekend and the boys both ordered chocolate brownie sundaes for pudding. I didn’t realise they would be so huge!!}


{More Instagram magnets for the fridge. A lovely way to relive some of the summer memories on a daily basis}





{Clemmie goes to the cutest ballet class every Saturday morning where they dress up in fairytale costumes and dance through the stories. Needless to say, she loves it}



{I went to see Gone Girl at the cinema last Friday. I haven’t read the book but the movie was fantastic so if you haven’t already go see it}





{Yesterday was Casper’s birthday so on Sunday he invited nine of his friends to a quad biking party. Bikes, mud, pizza, cake and presents- life doesn’t get much better when you’re eight years old!}

Thanks for reading! ‘Til next time. XO


10 thoughts on “Life Lately…

  1. Lovely post! You’ve been missed.:) Clemmie’s ballet class sounds amazing. I wish they had an adult class because I would definitely enroll! Ok that’s it. I need to go see Gone Girl this weekend. Everyone keeps saying how good it is.:)

    xo Donna

  2. I was just thinking today that it’d been a little while since I saw a post of yours. Isn’t it funny how the we have free time, but then it ends up not really being free time?! Happy Birthday to your boy! Sounds like his party was a blast. Both of your boys have good taste, those sundaes look delicious! And, I die over that ballet class. How adorable!

    • Thank you! I know I’m still struggling to find time for the blog or rather make time for it. I guess I have been prioritising other things like clearing out the house ready for building work to start and also other more fun stuff like catching up with friends and reading. I do plan to get back into it though, just need to reignite that motivation! X

  3. Your boys are looking so handsome and grown up!! There are times when we can’t juggle everything..this term has been my hardest as well..not sure why..but things do pile up over the are always missed xxxx

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