Five on Friday


{The boys went back to school last Tuesday. For one year they are at the same school, before it is time for Cameron to move on to secondary school.}


{Clemmie didn’t start school until today so she and I went to Sweden for three nights last weekend to see my sister and her kids. We had loads of time at the airport before our flight so I treated her to an Anna from Frozen doll. Traveling with just one child was so easy and we had a great time.}


{Today was a big day for Clemmie but she loved putting on her uniform and going into school. Some of you may remember that I was less than thrilled about her starting school so young but after several chats with the headteacher I felt reassured that the focus in this first year is very much on play.}


{Some new beauty buys: A Rodial bee venom serum that I bought on the flight back from Stockholm and I also managed to get my hands on the much-hyped Multi-colour Les Beiges by Chanel. I feel a beauty post coming up soon!}


{I am a self-confessed knitwear fanatic and these two jumpers from H&M and Hunky Dory are new purchases for the coming season along with a pair of boots, also from H&M. I love the zip detailing on all of them.}

Now that all three children are at school, I hope to have some more time for blogging. I have so many ideas but time has been very scarce over the summer holidays. Thank you to all of you who kept reading and commenting despite the rather patchy updating.

This weekend we’re going to Bristol to visit an old friend of mine. Last time we went it took us over four hours to get there so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the traffic will be light. Hope you have a fantastic weekend whatever you’re doing. X

17 thoughts on “Five on Friday

    • Ha ha it does bring back memories seeing the kids go off to school. I think she will be fine but tired at the end of the day. Hope all is well with you. Now that I have some more time I intend to catch up on all my favourite blogs so ‘see’ you soon! X

  1. Lovely. I was worried about my son being too young also (he started last year), but the kindergarten teachers (we call the first year of school Kindergarten in Australia – don’t know if it’s the same in England) really held their hands (metaphorically and sometimes literally) and there did seem to be quite a bit of play-based learning, and free play on Friday afternoons. She will be fine!x

    • Thank you so much for your comment, it’s nice to know I’m not the only one. Here in England the first year is called Reception and it is very play based. It’s still 2 adults to 30 children though so that’s quite different from nursery. But I’m sure she will be fine, I sometimes forget that having two older brothers means she is quiet but also feisty! I hope your son is still enjoying school. Is he in grade one now? X

      • Yes, my son is in Year 1 now. There has been quite a big jump in what’s expected of the children between this year and last year’s Kindergarten. For example, they now get maths homework every night and its not just 1+1! He has been generally fine though. He is loving science and reading (the maths, not so much, but we’ll get there) and best of all, he loves his friends and playtime. And he has learnt to play handball in the playground. Even though your daughter is young for the year like my son, she is at an advantage having two older brothers. It will give her an edge (in a good way) I think. How is Clemmie going so far?

      • Wow, it sounds like he is doing great. Clemmie seems to be enjoying school, no complaints about going in the mornings which is all you can ask for at this stage really. She is nowhere near ready to start reading but is enjoying looking at the books and she loves PE. X

      • Glad she loves PE… It’s wonderful when they have something they can really look forward to. With the reading, it’s amazing how it just suddenly “clicks”. In kindergarten my son had a simple book to bring home and try to read aloud from, every day. The first two terms he was resistant, so we just muddled through with me reading to him, or taking turns with the pages. I was delighted when by term 3 last year he just suddenly got it, and now he can read age-appropriate books to himself (still loves being read to!).

  2. Are the boys redheads? They are just so handsome. And Clemmie, well, she is just a doll and I cannot believe how grown up she looks in that beautiful, elegant uniform. Love your new outfit too. Wonderful post.

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