Five on Friday


{Clemmie was happy to be back home with all her toys. She and I are off to Sweden again in two weeks’ time to visit my sister and her family.}


{I’m still on a shopping ban but the kids desperately needed some new clothes for autumn so I went slightly mad in Zara Kids this week. They really have some fabulous stuff for both boys and girls.}


{Now that Casper is moving up to the junior school, both boys needed new backpacks and school supplies like pencil cases, pens and water bottles etc. I still LOVE shopping for back to school things just as much as I did as a child.}


{OK. so I’m not allowed to shop but I can still look, right? The planning for my A/W wardrobe is well underway and this jumper from All Saints is top of the list along with a new pair of ankle boots and winter coat.}


{Two weeks of pizza, ice cream, chocolate, cinnamon buns and wine (not necessarily all together) have left their all too visible marks. Time to switch up the healthy eating a gear with the help of recipes such as this delicious-looking one for salmon and chickpea salad. More food inspiration can be found on my Pinterest board.}

Hope you have a fab weekend. It’s a three-day one here in the UK and we intend to make the most of it with plans to go to a food festival and to Ikea to check out new kitchens. What are you up to? X

11 thoughts on “Five on Friday

  1. Awesome post! Glad you had a good time in Sweden. Like you, I am trying my best not to shop right now. But I keep seeing all these ‘necessities’ I must add to my Fall wardrobe.:)

    Enjoy the food festival and don’t go too crazy in IKEA!



    • Thank you! I know I’m the same, I LOVE fall clothes. I have has to unsubscribe to all the retailer emails I was signed up to so I won’t be tempted.
      The food festival & Ikea were great. Hope you;re having a good weekend.

      • You’re welcome! I can definitely relate. I used to get tons of retailer emails. It was such a hassle at times. I’m glad your weekend. Mine was pretty relaxing! Caught up on some reading.:)


  2. The kids clothes look great. I got BB#1 a beige shirt there for the wedding we went to at the beginning of the month. The backpacks look cool 🙂 This is my first back to school shopping. Have fun in IKEA! 🙂 xoxo FANNI

    • Thank you. Back to school shopping is great when it comes to the bags, pencils, pens etc but I find buying the school uniforms stressful as I have to get the kids to try things on.
      It was a very restrained trip to Ikea this time – I only spent £12!
      When does BB1 start school? xxx

      • We don’t have school uniforms, so I need to buy him all kinds of clothes. Maybe uniforms would be easier…. at least you got to go to IKEA 🙂 Did you have lunch there? BB#1 starts school on monday september 1st! Only a week to go. I am starting to freak out! 😦

      • I know, I can’t believe all of mine will be at school in a couple of weeks time! The boys start back on sept 2 and Clemmie a week later. It’s hard when they grow up so fast!
        School uniform does make life easier in many ways. I never wore one but I’m kind of glad my kids do! Xxx

    • It wasn’t too bad today thank goodness. We got there early, looked at kitchens had lunch and left. No pics though I’m afraid, I was too busy chasing three kids around the shop trying to stop them from hiding in all the cupboards and jumping on the display beds. X

  3. I am always so happy to see adorable Clemmie. Love that jumper and want one immediately. Delicious looking salmon salad. How I envy you going to Sweden. I have been studying Swedish for a few years, sa, mycket bra! Mvh, Beth 🙂

    • Tack! Very impressed by the Swedish, I’m still trying to convince my kids that it’s useful to speak another language especially when you get it for ‘free’ at home. They understand Swedish but the boys always answer in English unless I prompt them. X

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