Five on Friday


{I finally bought the Benefit They’re Real Mascara that I’ve been reading so much about on various beauty blogs. So far it lives up to the hype.}


{More peonies. I’m convinced that fresh flowers on my desk boosts my productivity!}


{A photo of the London Eye while crossing the bridge for a meeting in town this week. Do you know, I have never been on it!}


{Blazing sunshine at Casper’s sports day today. He did well in all his races and, most importantly, had great fun.}


{A Mr Whippy ice cream van has been conveniently parked outside Cameron’s school this week so we celebrated the start of the weekend with yummy ice creams.}

Hope you have a fantastic weekend! X

16 thoughts on “Five on Friday

  1. Glad you had better luck with the Benefit’s mascara than I ever did. It just made my eyelashes go into massive clumps. Yves Saint Laurent’s Faux Cils Effect mascara is far better.
    Peonies, especially pink ones, are my favourite ever flowers. Beautiful.
    And surely the London Eye has got to be done? Although maybe wait for tourist season to subside a bit. Would be fab on a clear autumn day.

    • I’ve found it OK so far. Would like it to be a bit more volumising perhaps but good for daytime. I wil definitely check out the YSL one next time.
      I agree about London Eye – I’m not keen on heights though so will need a stiff G&T before going on board I think! X

      • My dad couldn’t even make it up
        To the first floor of the Eiffel Tower (in part because my mum made us use the stairs) but he was fine with the London Eye. I think it helps that you’re enclosed, so no wind, that urge to jump eliminated (or is that just me?!) and you barely feel you’re moving.
        Mind you, any excuse for a G&T…

  2. Do you find the mascara leaves you with panda eyes? I haven’t bought it but that’s the consensus I got from friends that have tried it. But I’ve also read rave reviews!! So I’m torn x

  3. I love all your photos. Looks like you are all enjoying a fab summer. Is that one of those chemical eyelash enhancers? If so, one caution is that they can change the pigment of the iris permanently. So, for light-eyed people, it may make the iris brown. Just saying …

    • I’ve only been using it for a week and I’m no beauty blogger but so far I like it. Doesn’t smudge or clump and stats put all day. My only slight gripe is that it could be more volumising but that’s because I have long but quite thin lashes. Definitely a good buy though. X

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