Five on Friday

Rush, rush, rush – that is how I would sum up this week. In between working, trying to sort out childcare, cooking, cleaning and making at least a half-hearted attempt at spending some quality time together, it’s been a struggle keeping up with the blog. Most of my time seems to have been spent refereeing various arguments that have erupted between the children. Half term + rain is definitely not a good combination, resulting in bored kids mooching around the house moaning that there is nothing to do whenever you switch the Xbox/iPads off. Throw in a few late nights – the boys are addicted to Britain’s Got Talent at the moment and have been staying up later than usual to watch the semi finals every night this week – and it’s hardly surprising that tempers have been fraying left right and centre the past few days. But we have had some good times too, catching up with friends, watching movies and playing board games at home. Yesterday and today I had to work so the boys went to football camp while my parents looked after Clemmie. It certainly did the trick as far as bedtime was concerned – Casper was so tired he asked to go to bed at 6.30pm yesterday!


{We went on our annual family trip to Ikea last weekend. It was relatively painless as we got there half an hour after the store opened so managed to beat most of the crowds. As you may recall it is not everyone’s favourite destination…}


{It seems ages ago now but last Monday was a Bank Holiday here in the UK. It was grey and drizzly so we went to nearby Hampton Court Palace where the kids took part in a digital fact finding mission around the palace. The boys were really happy as they got to use an iPad but hopefully they learned a few things!}


{The burger chain Five Guys opened a restaurant near us a few months ago and the boys have been desperate to go so this week we finally relented. It was more expensive than McDonalds but the food was miles better. Clean plates all around}


{I made another batch of my vanilla granola this week. Really enjoying it with fresh berries and Greek yoghurt at the moment.}


{I also bought a couple of books, both on recommendations from other bloggers. I was going to save them for the summer holidays but I don’t know if I can wait that long.}

Happy Friday to you all! What are you up to this weekend? We have friends coming for dinner tomorrow night so I have an apple pie baking in the oven, which we will have for pudding. Apart from that, we are just hoping for some sunny weather so we can get outside in the garden.Β  X

14 thoughts on “Five on Friday

  1. I love IKEA! Husband still hasn’t taken me since BB#2 was born 😦 We have to trvael to Budapest which is 180 km 😦 Your granola looks so yummy πŸ™‚ I love blueberries πŸ™‚ I love to have eaither granola or oatmeal for breakfast. I am happy to see there still people reading “real” books, meaning they are printed, in your hand kind πŸ™‚ They both look interesting, when do you find time to read? xoxo Fanni

    • It takes a while to get to our nearest Ikea as well, but not quite that far. The granola is so tasty it is almost addictive! I love berries and can’t wait to go strawberry picking with the kids. I have been trying to make the time to read proper books lately but it is not always easy…X

  2. I’ve never been to an IKEA, have only driven by one in Cali once. Looks like a fun place to shop. I enjoy how you mention the Apple Pie will be for Pudding..I guess that’s what we would call dessert. I’ll try out the word at this Sunday night’s family dinner at Outback. Do you have an Outback? I watched the Limey the other day and the Trad English Breakfast sure looked Delish! I may need to try a crack at re-creating it out here in HI.

    • I love Ikea but my husband is not so sure. Yes pudding is ‘British’ for dessert. I haven’t heard of Outback – is it a restaurant? English breakfast is very tasty and works really well as a hangover cure too! X

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