Currently Coveting #24: The Perfect Wedding (Guest) Dress

After a couple of wedding free years, we’re attending the nuptials of my husband’s second cousin this July. I love a good wedding and as the ceremony and reception are being held at Trinity College in Cambridge, it promises to be a fabulous day in a stunning setting. Now that we’ve accepted the invite and booked the hotel, the most pressing question on my mind is of course what to wear? I have a couple of dresses that would fit the bill, but the temptation to buy something new had me surfing the internet late last night looking for a suitable outfit. This dress from Carven (available from Harvey Nichols) would be perfect but unfortunately I can’t find it in XS at the moment and the advice is to size down as it comes up big. So now I have decide whether to chance it with a size Small or carry on searching…





13 thoughts on “Currently Coveting #24: The Perfect Wedding (Guest) Dress

      • I vowed in a sewing class when I was 16 that I would never touch a sewing machine again. I was terrible and I’m sure I would be no better today. There is a lady near me that has an alterations business, and she’s not terribly expensive. I have several things that I need to take to her right now. :/

      • Ha ha I know the feeling. My kids won’t even let me sew on their scout badges as I’m so terrible. We give them to my mum to do instead! I think my mother in law has a lady she uses who’s very good so I should look into it. Xxx

  1. Have you decided? If not you should go to carven boutique in pelham street, details in my blog, they have a wider selection and will alter it for free if you need to. I think they may have a special saleon as well, though they don’t usually put black things on sale.

    • Yes I might try to do that. Will have to be week after next though as it’s half term and don’t think they would appreciate me coming in with three kids in tow. It is a gorgeous dress, my only other concern is the cost per wear as I wouldn’t wear it that often…X

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