A Family Outing to Osterley Park & House

Osterley House 2

I know I’ve said it before, but we are lucky to have so many amazing places filled with history on our doorstep. Last Monday was a Bank Holiday so we grabbed our National Trust cards and drove down to Osterley Park and House, near Isleworth in Middlesex. A huge imposing Georgian mansion, dating back to the 1780s and surrounded by the most stunning gardens, it is one of the last surviving country estates in London. We had a quick coffee and snack in the stables tea room and then set off exploring the house and the colourful formal gardens.

It’s funny, both my husband and I can remember being dragged to visiting these places as children and while our own kids may not love all of it (the guided tour of the house springs to mind!) they do enjoy roaming the grounds, playing hide and seek and climbing trees. Hopefully, in years to come these outings will also give them some appreciation of this country’s history and culture that they in turn can share with their own children.

Osterley House 1

{I love the sweeping staircase}

Osterley Garden 4

{A beautiful summer house}

Cameron jumping

{Jumping high}

Casper jumping

{And there goes the next one}

Clemmie flowers

{Every corner of the garden was bursting with colour}

Osterley Garden1

{I seem to have developed an affinity for taking pictures of flowers – unlike the children they stay in one place!}

Osterley Garden 3

{Gorgeous tulips}

Osterley Garden2

{I wish I could have brought this flower pot back to my garden}

Osterley Garden 5

{A short rest before the next game of hide and seek}

23 thoughts on “A Family Outing to Osterley Park & House

    • Me too. And I think it’s important that they learn that sometimes there will be (to them) dull moments (like the guided tour of the house) but they are followed by fun, like playing in the garden. It’s all about balance. X

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