A Trip Down Memory Lane

Guns n roses

My parents have put their house on the market and, as they’re downsizing, kindly invited me over this week to go through some boxes they had found lurking in the deepest, darkest corners of their loft. I spent quite a few hours wading through more than two decades of memories, from the newspapers published on the day I was born to my university dissertation. I won’t keep all of it of course, for one we haven’t got the storage space and also I don’t think it’s that interesting to anyone apart from me. But it was fun to relive old memories.


What made me laugh the most were the little books that my friend and I wrote (and illustrated) ourselves back in Sweden when we decided to start our own library – we can’t have been older than eight or nine. For someone who had a very harmonious and well-adjusted childhood, I sure managed to come up with some dark, disturbing plot lines…


I found some old photos of me as a toddler and as a teenager with my beloved grandmother.

dolls house

We bought Clemmie a dolls house for Christmas without knowing that, tucked away in my parents’ loft, was a box of all my old dolls house furniture (the house itself has been disposed of along the way). We brought it all back home and she loves playing with it so we could have saved ourselves a bit of money!  There is tons more, including bedroom, bathroom and three (??) kitchen sets – I only photographed a few pieces as I wanted to show you the sauna – so very Swedish!


Clemmie also took a shine to my old teddies which are now propped up on her bed next to the Maileg bunnies. Considering they have been in storage for such a long time they are rather well preserved although I have warned her to be gentle with them as, in Teddy years ,they are old age pensioners.

The Face

I also found some copies of The Face, dating back to 1996. It must be the same year (or maybe the year after..) I saw both The Prodigy and Oasis live at Glastonbury. I wonder if my children will be impressed?

There are still many more boxes to go through (having had the luxury of lots of storage space, my parents haven’t cleared anything out since we left Sweden!) but I hope to whittle down what I keep to two box files at the most. Wish me luck!


17 thoughts on “A Trip Down Memory Lane

  1. How lovely! Such treasures are priceless. I have my teddy still…he turns 60 with me next year! And my dad made me a dolls house when I was 3 which I still have and my daughter also loved. She is now 32. Treasured memories indeed! Enjoy yours!

    • That’s amazing! I loved looking through all these things that I hadn’t seen for years but that were still so etched in my memory. There are definitely things I want to keep for my own children to have. xx

  2. ❤ My girls have a few things of mine and it always makes me happy to see them playing with those things. Great post! Good luck with the dwindling! 😉

    • I know it’s a great feeling and proves you don’t always have to buy new stuff. Hmm as for the dwindling, all I’ve done is move the boxes from the living room into the downstairs cupboard. Hopefully they won’t stay there for the next 20 years! X

  3. How fun that must have been- thanks for sharing! It’s so very hard to pick and choose what to save. I wonder if you could take photos of some of the things just to relive the memories in another 20 years without have to store the actual possessions? I’m working on sorting myself… I’ll have to think about that idea- don’t really know if it would work. cheers…wendy

  4. My mum (parents, eh?) made me get rid of all my old Face and ID when I was last home. They were stacked in her nightie cupboard but still…
    So I will just sway gently and console myself with singing… Now and then when I see her face, it takes me away to that special place, but if I stare too long I’ll probably break down and cry…

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