This Week’s Favourites


A Gingerbread latte (I was pleasantly surprised that they were still on the menu even though Christmas is over) and mini muffin at Costa earlier this week while Cameron was at his tutor. The traffic was horrendous so I needed a quick energy boost to face the drive home.


Clemmie and her best friend on the way to pick up their older siblings from school. They have known each other since birth and, although they sometimes have their little squabbles, they are super cute together and you can tell they really love each other.


Finally made it to the cinema last night to see American Hustle and I was not disappointed. It is an excellent film and I’m not surprised it has received so many Oscar nominations.


During the week my breakfast tends to consist of a bowl of cereal eaten at my desk so on the weekends it is nice to make a bit more of an effort. These scones are a favourite of both mine and the kids and take no time at all to make.


Another purchase in the Sales – most likely my last this season – but I couldn’t resist these shoes by Poste Mistress which were reduced from £80 to £36.

I had some work to do tonight so apologies for the short post! But I’m firmly of the belief that, if time is scarce, it is better to write something rather than nothing. Hope you agree!

Have a fab Sunday night. X

18 thoughts on “This Week’s Favourites

  1. Lovely post! I really need to catch up on my movie watching. Last movie I saw in the theatres was Catching Fire back in November. American Hustle is definitely on my to-watch list.:)

  2. We also watched American Hustle right on the New Years Day.
    Personally I especially liked Amy Adams ; I had the impression the whole film lyes on her shoulders. Excellent performance of the whole cast as well. xx

  3. I have to admit I got a little confused at some points of American Hustle but Amy Adams was so blindingly gorgeous in her seventies perm and halter dresses that that might have been why. The characters were all bloody brilliant. My vote for most stylish movie of the year.

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