Let the Christmas Countdown Begin


Only five weeks to go until Christmas and I for one Can. Not. Wait. There are so many things to look forward to – putting the decorations up, buying and wrapping the presents, the school Christmas concerts, our village Christmas fair, all the yummy food… I could go on and on, and no doubt I will be doing just that, right here on this blog, over the coming weeks!

The boys have been busy writing their letters to Santa this week. Casper has rather optimistically asked for a Play Station, an X Box and an iPod so I had to explain that it is unlikely he will receive everything on the list. For the first time Cameron has been expressing doubts about the existence of Father Christmas (he is ten so I guess it is to be expected..) but he is under strict instructions not to voice these in front of his younger siblings unless he wants to find an empty stocking on Christmas morning! He didn’t want to take any chances so his letter is also winging its way to the North Pole as we speak…

Nothing beats the magic of Christmas morning even if it does tend to start at the ungodly hour of 5am in our house. This year we’re actually away on Christmas Day (it’s my dad’s 70th birthday on the 25th so we’re going to stay in a country hotel for three nights) but that won’t stop me from decking out the house in its festive finery. I love these inspirational pictures from Danish brand House Doctor, especially the big paper stars and the illuminated snow sign.


28 thoughts on “Let the Christmas Countdown Begin

  1. That made me really laugh. The loyalty of children given only under the promise of keeping quiet. The fullfilment of excitement was too much to handle as a child.I remember many sleepless nights when my brain couldn’t stop about anything else.

      • I bet my my mum loved the fact that in Czech Republic we celebrate the 24th evening. But the whole day of anticipating of the arrival of Baby Jesus is way toooo long for a child. πŸ™‚ Since living in the UK, it depends on what is going on that year. Last year we celebrated both days and mixed and Czech and British traditions and it was great. Not sure about this year yet as we are not longer together.

      • That’s the same as in Sweden, we celebrate on the 24th. After we moved to the UK where Christmas Eve is a working day we changed it to the evening of the 25th. My sister and I had to wait longer than everyone else for our Christmas presents! Now we do a combination of stockings in the morning and more gifts in the evening. X

  2. I love christmas too…. just the joy it brings and closeness to everyone… I love the pictures you choose, so simple & chic… I believe it is important to keep the magic we felt as children alive… Barbara

  3. What? Just 5 more weeks?! Gaahh! As excited as I am about Christmas, I also dread the rush and the crunch that comes along with it. We may not be decorating this year, or maybe just the tree. Keeping it simple to keep this motherhen sane. πŸ™‚

  4. Oh my gosh! My 10 year old son is the same way this year! I’ve threatened him on more than one occasion already. I’m so paranoid. Lol.
    Love these photos/decorations!

  5. We gave a school friend a life aged 7 who promptly told my two Father Christmas was Mummy and Daddy – could have throttled her – I told her, what a shame, your mummy and daddy have to do your stockings as you no longer believe….the golden rule is when you know..hold the magic for the younger generation. Thankfully Bella piped up..but I heard the reindeer on the roof! xxx

    • Ha ha what a great comment! I think my 10 year old wants to keep believing so I don’t think he’ll say anything to the younger ones (he’s better not!). It started last year when a couple of the older kids at his school were talking about Father Christmas not being real…

    • Me too. My eldest is quite innocent so I think that helps, although he is getting more street wise by the minute especially now he’s in year 5. I think that sadly his siblings will be younger when they stop believing.. X

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